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As Amazon Seller Advocates, we are on your side. eGrowth Partners works every day to help clients with their most pressing eCommerce issues. Count on us to fight an account suspension, improve your daily operations or market a new product. Our experienced team understands the ins and outs of the online marketplace, and we are here to help.

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E.P., New Jersey

Our company did more than $10 million on Amazon last year and have had outstanding metrics for the past 10 years and yet we were shut down. The form letter explaining our suspension was very vague and we were unsure what to do. eGrowthPartners helped us develop and execute a plan that not only got us reinstated, but helped us make sure we would never make that mistake again.  We are so happy to be back in business! We are also working with them to address other business issues related to selling on Amazon.

R.J., Florida

eGrowthPartners has gotten us reinstated more than once which is pretty incredible.  The first time they helped us clean up our seller metrics and be more responsive to our customers.  The second time we were victim to a dirty trick from a competitor. They were able to position the story in such a way that Amazon’s reviewers understood a very complex story and reinstated us.

J S., Illinois

As a new seller of collectibles on Amazon, I took a lot of my cues from what I saw other sellers doing – big mistake! I was violating Amazon policy without realizing it. Then I wrote my own appeal not understanding how the process worked and what they wanted to see from me. I got banned and thought it was all over. Amazon said they wouldn’t read any more letters from me, but eGrowthPartners made them listen…and forgive.  I have my privileges back and I’ve learned a valuable lesson. I couldn’t have done it without them!

L.P., Chicago

I was taken surprise by several negative feedbacks in a few days. Not only did my metrics plummet, I was forbidden to sell – right before 4th Quarter.  In just a few days I was able to get my seller metrics back up to a point where Amazon reversed its decision and allowed me to sell.  If they hadn’t helped me, I would have missed out on the most critical selling time of the year – Thank you eGrowthPartners!

I.O., California

When my seller account was suspended, eGrowthPartners’ carefully written appeal letter and plan of action got us back in the game. We are selling tens of thousands a week on Amazon. Losing our privileges was devastating. We had huge shipments arriving daily that had no where to go – plus our cash flow was locked up. We were reinstated in less than 24 hours. They are worth every penny!

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