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Supplies for Your FBA Business


Feedback Genius –  Amazon uses positive reviews as one of its criteria for determining seller performance and who gets the buy box and for how long – a critical necessity for an FBA seller. I use Feedback Genius to get more positive feedback.  In the first week, I got more 5-star reviews than I had gotten in the previous couple of months! In addition, it texts whenever a negative review is posted so I can deal with it immediately and work to get the review removed or edited. I created a free 8-page report with Feedback Genius with successful letters and best practices to remove negative feedback and get positive feedback.  Get yours today at the link above!

ScanPower – Click on this link. ScanPower is the tool I use to quickly and strategically list my items and ship them to Amazon. Unlike other listing programs out there, ScanPower is focused solely on FBA sellers and includes information about other sellers, not just merchant and Amazon prices. It comes with “WebScout” which lets me do online scouting and a repricer. I not only get great data about the other sellers, I can see how many units they have in inventory.

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ScanPower Mobile version – You can sign up for ScanPower’s mobile version at the Scan Power link up above for a bundled price. This link will take you to the FREE iPhone App.  You can find it FREE for Android HERE.  ScanPower Mobile is the best scouting tool out there (I tried others) I found. It gives you real-time data from Amazon including information on the other FBA sellers and how much you will net on the item after Amazon’s fees are taken  out. This is what I call an unfair competitive advantage. It will pay for itself with your first shopping trip. In addition to reading barcodes from a Bluetooth scanner, ScanPower Mobile can read barcodes from your phone’s camera and you can speak them into the phone.  These methods are slower than the scanner, but they are great if you are out and about without your scanner and want to know if you are looking at a good deal or not.

Scanfob 2006 – Save $20 on your Bluetooth scanner for your smartphone! Choose from one of the following items:

During the check-out process, you will see the box for coupons. Cut and paste this code into the box: OSSBS~SAVE!
At that point, your discount will be applied and you’ll see the price change. UK-based customers can follow the directions above to get your Scanfob and discount as well. You will pay more in shipping, of course.

UPDATE: 8/15/2015 – I am sorry but the discount was discontinued by SerialIO. We will post an update if we can find other promos or discounts for everyone. 

feedvisor logoFeedvisor is an innovative algorithmic approach towards repricing your new inventory.  It changes your prices instantly in response to other seller moves in order to keep you in the Buy Box as long and as often as possible. You have complete control over the price range in which you want to reprice and which items you want to reprice. Once you set your floor and ceiling, you are done – no need for constant repricing or to set up “rules” for repricing.  They offer a free 10-day trial which is more than enough to see results.  My sales picked up immediately.  Read more about my experience with Feedvisor HERE.  Check it out for yourself HERE.  Readers of my blog who mention my name in their email to Feedvisor will get a substantial discount, exclusive to me.  While I can’t put it in print, they will be happy to go over it with you when you sign up for the free trial.


Uline – I buy boxes, tape, packing paper and “Un-Du” sticker removal solvent from Uline.  They usually have specials on boxes and tape. I buy whatever is on sale closest to the sizes I use the most.  I’m able to buy stronger, plain boxes for the same price or lower than you find at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, etc.