eGrowth Partners is the one-stop shop for Amazon advertising, reinstatement, account management, and strategic growth for brands and resellers on (and off) Amazon.

eGrowth is a high-integrity, straightforward, and honest company.

“I have worked with Cynthia for over three years. As the industry and tactics have changed Cynthia and her team have remained on the cutting edge. In a part of the Amazon business that has attracted some suspect characters, eGrowth remains a high-integrity, straightforward and honest company”.

Jeff C.



Increased sales on Amazon by 200% or more


Aggressively defending against unauthorized resellers


Proven solutions for preventing Amazon account and listing suspensions


Scaling your business so you can take that stress-free vacation you crave


Expert reinstatement support that gets you back to selling quickly

eGrowth has grown our Amazon business from $10K to over $200K monthly

“I have consulted with eGrowth partners at least 5 times over the past years. I have also hired them to do Amazon account maintenance details. They are ethical, responsive, professional and knowledgeable, and I am grateful for the support they have provided. 

They have been a trusted resource to answer questions and help our firm understand how to properly comply with Amazon terms of service. I have used several of their services, and their team is great to work with.

Over the past 3-4 years, their firm has grown our Amazon business from $10K to over $200K monthly and I am grateful for their support. And, because Amazon is always improving, I still rely on eGrowth partners to provide valuable insights on how to be more successful.”

Greg A., EWCS

Collectively, our team has more than 60 years of experience protecting and growing businesses on (and off) Amazon. In fact, several of our team members are former Amazon employees!

We utilize our unique, inside perspective and advanced data-mining methods to maximize opportunities available to Sellers within Seller Central to keep costs down, help drive traffic, increase conversions, reduce defects, and improve customer experience to prevent enforcement action from Amazon.

Our Services

Brand Fuel

As former Amazonian’s, our Brand Fuel team helped develop processes for Amazon’s Marketplace.

Our approach has proven to increase client sales by 2-300% within the first 12 months.

If growing your sales is a priority for you over the next year, Brand Fuel will really be able to help you meet your goals.


Amazon expects “immediate and aggressive” action from sellers to resolve their performance issues.

Unfortunately, they don’t tell you the root cause of suspension.

We identify the root cause, write your appeal for you, and get you back to selling as quickly as possible!

High Touch Smiles

Growing a business should not suck all your time and energy.

Our VAs are trained on Amazon, and other retail marketplaces and policies, and will eliminate the time-consuming and mundane tasks from your workday.

They even do the heavy lifting to keep your business operational as you relax on that stress-free vacation you so desperately crave!

Account Management

63% of Amazon sellers are afraid their account will be suspended by Amazon without warning.

Our proprietary method of monitoring data buried deep within your selling account (that Amazon doesn’t tell you exists) provides critical detail on product quality, returns, and defects that allow you to proactively resolve issues before Amazon takes action against your listings or your account.

Brand Enforcer

Our exclusive relationship with Amazon authorizes us to reach out to rogue sellers directly within the seller and vendor platforms to verify their identity and validate their sources.

Rogue sellers suck $60B out of the market each year; how much are they costing you?

Quickly identify, verify, and take back control of your brand online with Brand Enforcer!

We’d hate to see you get suspended, miss out on your family vacation, or lose the opportunity to scale your business because you didn’t have the right support in place.

Take that crucial step today to maximize your potential on Amazon with our soup-to-nuts suite of services!

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