Our mission and vision are to be a force for good in the Amazon Seller community, and to partner with Amazon sellers in order to solve problems throughout the entire life cycle of their Amazon business – from protection to enforcement, effective management, catalog compliance, and strategic growth.


Cynthia Stine with her authored ebook

Cynthia is the founder, President, and CEO of eGrowth Partners, and the author of the original “Suspension Prevention” book on how to get reinstated and protect your Amazon seller account. In fact, she wrote and published the book in just three months and started speaking at Amazon conferences.

Over the years, eGrowth Partners invested in the infrastructure and processes needed to provide consistent services and to be a real company (as compared to a bunch of people frantically writing appeals all the time).

One thing that has always stood out about Cynthia and eGrowth Partners is the fact that we really care about our clients. Many of us are sellers or have been sellers in the past.  We understand the hopes, dreams, and struggles of our entrepreneurial clients.

Over and over again, Cynthia hears this from sellers as they work with our team, and it is a core value of our company.  It’s why we have receptionists that answer our phones, why we offer evening and weekend services and why we talk to our clients instead of handling all transactions by email.

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Over the years we’ve expanded our services to cover Intellectual Property issues (Brand Enforcer) and strategic growth and advertising on the platform (Brand Fuel).  Our Get Clean, Stay Clean services help sellers keep their accounts clean, and our High Touch Smiles division provides virtual workers who have been trained by us for e-commerce sellers to hire as dedicated employees.

eGrowth Partners is active in the seller community as advocates as well.  We pursue causes that sellers care about like consistent and fair sales tax laws and stopping bad actors from taking over the Amazon platform.  We work with Amazon (when they let us), politicians, government agencies, and the media to bring awareness to the fundamental unfairness that sellers work under and to encourage positive change.

We believe that selling on Amazon is one of the most amazing wealth-generating opportunities ever created for small-to-medium businesses and with a few key changes it could be a universally awesome experience for sellers, rather than a risky and fearful one.


AUGUST 2010 – Invested
Cynthia Stine was defeated by the recession.  Having consulting clients who left her on the hook for nearly $250K in owed revenue and debts owed to vendors in her previous business, she took her last $200 and invested it in used books to sell on Amazon.

NOVEMBER 2010 – Meet Chris Green
Met industry innovator Chris Green who showed her his new tool for helping Amazon sellers determine if products in stores – not just books – would be profitable to sell on Amazon.  He took her shopping at Big Lots.  It was a life-changing game-changer for Cynthia and the Amazon seller community.

2012 – Published A Book
In 2012 she published her first book Make Thousands on Amazon in 10 Hours a Week! How I Turned $200 into $40,000+ Gross Sales My First Year in Part-Time Online Sales.

MARCH 2015 – Wrote A Blog
She wrote a blog about the undeserved shame suspended sellers felt and how she could help with suspensions.  She anticipated maybe a couple of clients a month would come her way.

In April, however, Amazon blew the doors off with huge changes to its algorithm.  Sellers were getting suspended like crazy for reasons they didn’t understand, and Amazon was not responding to them for weeks on end.

APRIL 2015 – Started eGrowth Partners
Cynthia quickly pulled together a team and started eGrowth Partners to help sellers.  In the dead of night (literally) she wrote her second book Suspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller Account in order to explain what was going on and what sellers could do to be proactive about their account health.

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