We monitor, track, and analyze your performance to resolve issues before Amazon shuts you down!

eGrowth Partners is constantly evolving and is a critical piece to our success in the Amazon Marketplace


Our company has continued to work with eGrowth Partners for nearly 3 years and are constantly impressed by their professionalism and accuracy. eGrowth Partners is constantly evolving and is a critical piece to our success in the Amazon Marketplace. 

Their team is dedicated to our success and we are proud to call eGrowth Partners one of our partners. Thank you!” 



Our team of analysts and consultants are the bridge that connects you to the data you need to improve your performance on Amazon. Here’s how it’s done:


Daily monitoring of performance metrics


Trustworthy guidance on how to resolve issues quickly and effectively 


Through our “You Heard It Here First” Guarantee


Free ASIN reinstatements monthly* (Pro and Concierge clients only


Providing insights into new product and bundling opportunities

Absolutely the best and most well-informed group


“Absolutely the best and most well-informed group. Cynthia Stine is a treasure that has helped us through many Amazon obstacles. I appreciate her and her company. I highly recommend anything she does!”

Rose Vincent

Our proprietary method of monitoring data buried deep within your selling account (that Amazon doesn’t tell you exists) provides critical detail on product quality, returns, and defects.

This information allows you to proactively resolve issues before Amazon takes suspension action against your listings or your account.

Daily Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of performance metrics, returns, and inventory issues identifies trends known for causing account and ASIN suspensions.

Expert Guidance

Our consulting team provides expert guidance on swift actions you can (and should) take to prevent suspension of your listings and/or account.

“You Heard It Here First”

Our commitment to immediately sharing, first, with our clients any relevant information we learn from our Amazon contacts that affects how sellers manage and grow their business.

Not knowing what you don’t know is scary as an Amazon seller. With our proprietary method of monitoring and tracking your performance and other buried data, you can stop worrying about whether or not Amazon will shut you down. 

Changes in Amazon’s policies, false claims, listing compliance, and sneaky tactics by bad actors are no match for our team of experts tracking and analyzing this data every day in order to take action before Amazon does.

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