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suspension prevention cover

Suspension Prevention

After reading this book, you’ll know:

  • 15 concrete steps you can take NOW to keep your account in good shape with Amazon.
  • Dirty tricks other sellers play to kick you off the platform – and how you can fight back.
  • The different kinds of account suspensions and why product quality suspensions are so prevalent right now.
  • What all those vague and confusing Amazon terms mean like “inauthentic” and the difference between “denied” and “banned.”
  • Why Amazon doesn’t like drop-shipping, liquidators, or discount stores as sources of inventory.
  • How you can get your account clean and keep it clean with Amazon.
  • The essential customer reports and messages you need to read and act on every week.
  • Real stories from real Amazon sellers – just like you.
Cynthia Stine

About The Author

In addition to selling on for the past five years, Cynthia Stine has also written the top-selling book Make Thousands on Amazon in 10 Hours a Week!: How I turned $200 into $40,000 Gross Sales My First Year in Part-time Online Sales. Her first book helped thousands of third-party sellers get started on Amazon with tight resources using the FBA program and retail arbitrage.

She writes a popular blog at and consults with Amazon sellers on their business issues.Based on her experience and success getting people back to selling, she launched her official Reinstatement services in February 2015.

She was flooded with business. The need is great, and the stakes are incredibly high. Many sellers fail when they write the appeal themselves, which can lead to them being permanently banned from selling. Cynthia has developed a system for analyzing sellers’ mistakes, appealing to Amazon and – in most cases – getting her clients’ businesses back up and running. It is one of the toughest and most rewarding things she’s ever done.

Prior to becoming an Amazon seller in 2010, Cynthia had 25+ years business consulting and crisis management experience, which gives her a different perspective towards reinstatement.Her goal is to not only help her clients get back to selling again, but to help them figure out how they got in trouble in the first place.

She teaches them how to set up systems and put processes in place to make sure it never happens again. When necessary, she helps sellers make changes to how they do business so they can get out of trouble and stay out of trouble with Amazon.

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