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Brand Enforcer™
Protect Your Intellectual Property, Stop Counterfeit and Regain Control of Your Distribution Channel


Online platforms have pulled brands into the fight of their lives.  Brands try to provide a consistent, quality buyer experience, but they are fending off rampant counterfeiters, IP infringement, expired inventory being sold as new and a breakdown of control over their distribution channels.

eGrowth Partners Brand Enforcer helps brands regain control of their distribution channels and protect their intellectual property.  Our service and technology solution helps brands identify breaks in their distribution channels and fix them.  In addition, we help brands remain compliant with Amazon and IP law in their efforts.

We advise you how to protect yourself from seller lawsuits for tortious interference, defamation and more because our process is fair to honest sellers and does not use Amazon’s Brand Registry program to take sellers down indiscriminately.

As you identify and remove rogue sellers from your listings, your percentage of daily sales will go up, your customers will be happier, and your online reputation will improve.  In many cases, our clients’ sales explode. 

Brand Enforcer is efficient, fast, effective and usually saves our clients tens of thousands of dollars over their previous methods. 

And it’s not just Amazon!  We can simultaneously help you protect your brand on more than 100 online platforms worldwide including Walmart, eBay, Alibaba, Tmall Global and more.

Our program monitors your chosen sites and automatically takes action when new sellers show up.


We work with brands and platforms to eliminate counterfeits, identify rogue resellers, and enforce unauthorized sales across 100+ online marketplaces.

  • Identify: It is hard to enforce your rights when all the sellers are anonymous and you have many listings to monitor. We find and track new product listings, price changes, and unique resellers across all your online marketplaces and put them in one dashboard so you can take appropriate action.
  • Verify: Our process will identify the real sellers behind the storefront names and validate their product sourcing to help you identify gaps in your distribution strategy and build a case for infringement where appropriate.
  • File enforcement action: With our contacts we are able to file directly with the marketplace to expedite removal of infringers, counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers
  • Target and prioritize repeat offenders for enforcement. 

Rogue sellers suck $60B out of the market each year; how much are they costing you? Quickly identify, verify, and take back control of your brand online with Brand Enforcer!

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