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In a recent blog post I talked about ways to be more efficient in your business and do more in less time. One of my suggestions was to conduct research before shopping so you are familiar with top brands, hot gift items/toys/books/appliances – whatever you want to sell. It will make it easier for you to spot a potential deal when in a store.

To that end, I created a FBA Step-by-Step™ guide to finding the hot-selling items in any category on This Step-by-Step shows how to use to conduct basic research on top-selling items in different categories.  Please be aware that the top sellers on Amazon change hourly so this Step-by-Step shows you how to do the research, but is NOT a forecast on what will be hot for the holidays. It shows what is selling today, so you can become familiar with brands and kinds of items in each category that are selling fast. I cover Hot Toys for 2012 (as of this writing) in the guide. You can use the same methodology to every category at

In case the link above doesn’t work, type this into your browser:

Happy Holiday Shopping, y’all!

Do you have other recommendations of good places to conduct quick research? Please share in the comments below!