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Amazon Strikes Blow for Justice Against Bad Actors

Six consultants were indicted by the US Attorney for conspiracy, fraud, theft, bribery and attacks on 3P sellers. Here’s what this means to Amazon sellers.... Read More

What You Need to Know Before Selling Your Amazon Business

Don’t lose your ability to sell on Amazon forever! Plan smart to be compliant with Amazon policy and keep your options open. Cynthia Stine explains how.... Read More

Amazon at a Store Near You?

Amazon Dash, Brexit, Prime Day, warehouse storage restrictions, PPE for schools, corruption, anti-trust investigations and Amazon moves against bad actors... Read More

Amazon to Publish Seller Addresses

Amazon sellers will no longer be able to hide behind their storefront names as their legal names and addresses will be visible on the platform. Cynthia discusses the furor and reasons why sellers should be glad for this change.... Read More

Is Walmart the New Amazon?

This week’s Amazon news roundup looks at a new competitive threat from Walmart and current “Dirty Seller Tricks™” on Amazon that hurt sellers and consumers. ... Read More

Free News for Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers facing suspensions for violations of Fair Pricing Policy or ASIN shutdowns for using the word “Free” in their listing titles will find help in this week’s post from Cynthia Stine. In addition, good news from Amazon hints... Read More

2020 Q1 Planning for Amazon Sellers

No one is thinking about Q1 right now! But you should be. From an Amazon compliance perspective, I expect 2020 to be even worse than this year... Read More

News Amazon Sellers Don’t Want to Hear

It’s Q4 and ain’t nobody got time for that, right? Except, I hope you do because there’s news you need to know. I’ll talk fast.... Read More

eGrowth Partners Mailbox

Answers to recent Amazon Seller questions about GS1 UPC codes, brand restrictions, seller verification and dirty seller tricks... Read More

Monthly eGrowth Amazon Seller News Roundup: Inaction; Hurricanes; FTC Probe; New IP Tools; Advertising Domination

As always, it's been another month of notable stories from Amazon that directly affect Amazon sellers. Let's discuss several of these and what they mean for you, the Amazon seller, especially with the all-important 4th quarter in full swing.... Read More