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Many of the readers of my book use FBA Power and FBA Scout in their businesses to scan, list and prepare shipments for Amazon’s FBA program.  Recently there have been a number of important changes at the company and upgrades to the technology of both products.  In addition, the name of the company has changed to Scan Power which has led to changes in links, products, groups, blogs, everything.

This blog post covers what you need to know if you use either of these products:

Why all the changes?

Scan Power is the new name of the company.  It better reflects what the company does (provides intelligence at the point of decision-making – the scan and pricing) and clears up confusion about the company’s relationship with  Some people thought that the name “FBA Power” meant it was owned or in some way affiliated with Amazon when, in fact, it is a separate company that benefits sellers who use Amazon’s FBA program.

Scan Power also represents the direction the company is going. Many FBA sellers – like Scan Power CEO Chris Green himself – sell on other platforms, too, including eBay.  According to Chris, new programs and features are in the works that will support those who sell on eBay as well as FBA Power.

“It doesn’t matter what you sell, where you get it or where you sell it,” notes Green. “We want to help sellers be insanely efficient capturing arbitrage opportunities.”

What are the new links I need?

There are several new links you need to bookmark. The old ones with FBA Power will be going away!:

ScanPower product submission:
Your logins are the same as FBA Power. Currently it still says “FBA Power” in the corner of the screen when you login, but you can expect that to change.

ScanPower scouting: [mobile app updates are in the Google Play store.  I could not confirm the iTunes store at this time]

Make sure your version of FBA Scout is up-to-date to see the newest features. “Scan Power” will be available in both app stores shortly and you can switch. I found it in the Android store, but don’t know about the iPhone app store.

Scan Power’s repricer comes FREE with Scan Power.  See my earlier blog post on how to use the repricer HERE.

Not familiar with this product?  It is FREE with your subscription to Scan Power. It gives you tools to evaluate your inventory. It is brand new and I’m just looking at it myself.  More in a future blog post – but in the meantime, don’t hesitate to check it out for yourself.


This version of Scan Power lets you scout online opportunities and pull up the same great data you get with the other Scan Power products.

ScanPower web

Want general information about Scan Power? Click here for “how-to” videos, directions on how to set up your Label Pro Printer and more.  There is also a login link from the main website in case you forget the login URL.

Where can I get help if I need it?

E-mail: mailto:[email protected]
Available anytime, and they do try to check e-mail off-hours and weekends.  According to Green, this is the preferred method of contact. If you can include screenshots, all the better.

Live chat:

Click on the green “help” link on the left side of this page to open a chat window. If no one is online right now, your message will be sent along to our staff and answered as soon as possible.

What do I need to do for FBA Scout?

You need to make sure you have the latest version of FBA Scout from iTunes or the Android store.  In the very near future, “Scan Power” will be up there and you can download it (already on Android).  For now all the new features will be made to FBA Scout if you’ve been keeping that application updated.

What are the new features of Scan Power for my phone?

  • Scan History List. Ever wish you could go back and look again at an item you scanned without having to go find it an re-scan it?  All items scanned in a session are now available for easy recall.
  • Price capture – When you press the “Buy” button, you can now enter how many of the item you wish to buy and its cost.  When you upload your list to Scan Power, this data will be available to the other Scan Power applications including Scan Power and the repricer.  What does this mean for you? No more scrambling to look up prices on receipts weeks later when you want to reprice that item! And…fewer pricing mistakes.  When you are pricing the item in Scan Power later, it will act as a reminder of what you paid so you price appropriately.
  • Data comes at you faster – Do you get impatient waiting for data to come back to your phone sometimes?  Often that means that there are a lot of offers and it can take a while to pull all the data from Amazon. Now Scan Power will return data to your phone progressively which will speed up your decision-making process.  Frankly if I see 20 FBA offers or something high like that, I just move on. Rarely is the price worth it with that many competitors and now I don’t have to wait to see that early data.
  • CamelCamelCamel integration – If you are not familiar with this application, check it out! It allows you to track price histories on, Best Buy and  It is not only a great tool for customers (is that Barbie selling for a good price?), but for sellers too.  If you know that a particular item normally sells for $15 that helps you a lot when decided to buy and price that item for sale on Amazon.  The new FBA Scout will integrate with CamelCamelCamel so you can make these decisions at the store. By the way, I have no idea why it is called “CamelCamelCamel.” The logo makes me think of cigarettes.
  • Quantity in stock for FBA offers – Just like with Scan Power on your computer, you can see how many of those items your fellow FBA sellers have up at Amazon.
  • Report a problem – (Yellow exclamation point) button. This sends Scan Power all the information from your device about a problem plus your email and deviceID.

 What are the new features of Scan Power?

One of the most noticeable changes for Scan Power is the ability to write in what you paid for an item, your floor and your ceiling. What that means is if you paid $5 for an item, you can decide what your floor (lowest price you will sell it for) and ceiling will be in advance.

This is particularly important when using a repricer to reprice your inventory. As you have probably noticed, other sellers price their products strangely sometimes.  You may see baby pacifiers for $100 and books for $1.95 – both really horrible prices.  The last thing you want to do is reprice against crazies like this.  By setting your floor and ceiling in advance – along with what you actually paid – you can make much smarter decisions down the road when you are repricing.

You will see the places to enter your purchase price, “floor” and “ceiling” when you click on the price of an item.

By the way, for all my customers who are re-selling my book, I’m flattered by these high prices, but remember that Amazon is selling it new for less.

Do you have anything else new about Scan Power that you would like to share with other sellers? Please make a comment below!