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I know I promised you another exciting “Dark Days of January” post about fees and reports, but I just couldn’t think that hard this week.  My brain is elsewhere.  Luckily, I found this great video from on how they receive our packages at the warehouse. It covers all the things that can go wrong with your inventory and how you can minimize the chances of your inventory getting pulled to the side for problem solving. This apparently is one of the ways inventory can get lost or damaged.

It is mind-boggling to see the warehouse in action. I couldn’t help but notice how beat up some of those boxes were that were being checked in at the warehouse. This is why I primarily use new boxes from rather than used boxes from book sales, stores, etc. I have had very few boxes or items arrive damaged at the warehouse.

Amazon Warehouse Video

In addition, a year or so ago I had a guest post from an Amazon warehouse worker who offered great advice on how to pack your inventory correctly for the warehouse. If you have inventory questions that aren’t addressed by the blog or the video, please leave me a comment below!