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There are few things more frustrating than not being able to figure out a problem. I had a reader contact me this week desperate because she wasn’t able to fix a problem with her inventory and couldn’t get the help she needed. Boy have I been there. Technology is so great when it works that we feel incapacitated when it doesn’t. Here are some of the best ways I’ve found to get help when I’m stuck:

Amazon “Contact Us”

This is my go-to resource for a lot of problems.  Inside your SellerCentral, click on the “Help” link. From there look for “Contact Us” in the middle right-hand-side of the page and click on it.  You will now have a huge variety of problems to choose from. Click on the one that best covers your issue and fill in as much information as possible about your issue including MSKU, ASIN and any other relevant facts. At the very bottom of the email page you will be given the option to either email your issue to Amazon or have them call you. I usually have them call me.  Type in your phone number, click “call” and your phone will ring right away.

At first you will get a general seller customer service person. Depending on your issue, they may pass you on to an FBA specialist.  They can see everything you wrote in that email form which saves time on the call and can cut-and-paste the ASIN and MSKU, etc., which is why it is worthwhile to fill out the form rather than just drop down to the “call me” line. The FBA support team is absolutely wonderful. They will sit on the phone with you until your problem is solved. I’ve learned so much from these guys.

You can, of course, send an email. That option is most likely to be outsourced to someone overseas. They are very fast on response but everything is pretty much auto-scripted if you know what I mean.  Email is great for issues where you know what the problem is already and you are simply giving directions “Please change the condition of this MSKU from “new” to “like new” for me,” for example. Or “Please expedite HazMat approval on ASIN#…” Or “Please remove this negative feedback.” In fact, for negative feedback they insist you use email and not call.

Be sure you are contacting customer service from inside your SellerCentral and not your personal buyer account. I had a reader do that once. He was really frustrated because no one could help him and it turned out he was talking to the wrong people inside of Amazon.

Online Seller Groups

Sometimes your fellow sellers know exactly how to fix your problem because they’ve been through it themselves. If you get in a pickle, post your problem on one of these sites. Someone almost always has the answer.

  • FBA Forum — Moderated by long-time online seller Bob Willey, this private Yahoo group is the world’s largest FBA group and has over 3000 members. It is also a very positive, solution-oriented group. Bob is firm about his “No Negativity” policy. You can search by keywords and may find your question has already been answered. His members use all kinds of technology solutions and range in size from small sellers to large.
  • That Kat Facebook Group – Run by master seller Kat Simpson, this private group covers all things relating to eCommerce and Technology.  Kat sells on both eBay and Amazon so many of the posts and questions have to do with eBay as well as Amazon. A great place for those who want to sell on multiple channels. There are about 700 members in this group.
  • Scan Power Facebook Group – A good place for questions about Scan Power, of course, but also general issues relating to retail arbitrage and selling online. Chris Green regularly posts about sourcing and news that affects online sellers. He also sells on eBay and uses FBA to do it.

Private Consultations

Need additional support? Maybe your question is less technical and more business-oriented like “am I pricing correctly?” or “why isn’t my inventory selling?” I offer private consultations live and on the phone and so do several other sellers that I know. There are other coaches out there besides these, I’m sure, I just don’t know them. If you have a coach/consultant that you have used successfully, let me know and I’ll be sure to mention them in future updates to my resources list:

  • Cynthia Stine – 214-296-0984, [email protected].  Hourly rates of $150 (minus $50 for the first hour for those who bought my book) or a flat fee for scouting or book sale trips. I’m strictly Amazon FBA. I cover a range of topics from running your business to how to add a new listing to the Amazon catalog. It is customized to your need.
  • Chris Green – [email protected]. 214-298-6866. Chris used to offer a one-hour consultation with him. You could buy it off of eBay. I couldn’t find it when I was writing this, but contact him directly if you are interested. Nobody knows retail arbitrage like Chris Green and he walks the walk every day in his Amazon business.
  • Kat Simpson – through facebook or on her That Kat! Radio show chat room or her blog site – whew! She has webinars and private coaching. I don’t know her hourly rate but she is an experienced eBay and Amazon FBA seller with over 25 years of selling online.
  • Lisa Suttora – Master eBay seller and FBA seller Lisa teaches classes on topics like wholesaling and sourcing plus she offers a personal 90-minute business strategy session with her for $297 where she goes over all aspects of her business with you.

Scan Power Support

If you have an issue with Scan Power, your best bet is to email: [email protected] and someone will get back to you quickly. Sometimes the issue may actually be Amazon and not Scan Power and they’ll tell you that. You can also call them although email is often faster:

You can find a wide variety of videos and support documentation online to support you:

I used to have the Dymo printer bookmarked because I would move around and it seemed like every time I unplugged and replugged in my printer I had to fiddle with the margins to get the labels right. Also, I had to adjust when I switched to a different browser so mark that one down, you’ll need it more than once.

I use Scan Power’s products so that is what I know best. However, I didn’t want to exclude other products:


I could not find a call number for tech support.  Email is: [email protected]


ASellerTool has several PDFs online with instructions on how to use its products. In addition, you can call, use the live support online function or email:

Our business hours are Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 4PM PST. If you are not available during our regular business hours, please email us to setup an appointment after-hours.

PHONE: (888) 604-8886

Press 1 for technical support, OR press 2 for sales

[email protected]


There’s not much on the website for support, but I’m guessing that if I logged in there would be a lot more. Mostly likely you have to login first to see your support options.

Tech Support

(651) 905-0995

Monday – Thursday
9 AM – 7 PM CST

9 AM – 5 PM CST

[email protected]

Call for any technical question regarding our service. If the issue is urgent and it is past listed hours please leave a message and/or send an email with your name, user name, and issue. Someone will contact you as soon as possible.


SellerEngine Plus

SellerEngine offers support for each of its products through email, documentation, a blog and a community forum: [email protected][email protected][email protected]


What about you? Do you have an additional resource you use when you need help with your Amazon FBA business? Please share in the comments below!