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Do you remember this line from Jerry McGuire?

Today’s blog post is different from most because I’m hoping you will help me and your fellow sellers.  I’ve started to create a short video/powerpoint walk-thru of ScanPower’s new Unity 2 that I hope will help newcomers and old hands alike understand the program as well as understand all that bewildering stuff Amazon requires like MSKUs and ASIN, FNSKU…it is a whole new language to learn.

I’m hoping to have it finished by early December and I would really appreciate it if those of you who use ScanPower would share with me areas where you got stuck when you first starting using Unity – things that weren’t intuitive to you, and things you wish you’d known getting started.  With your help, I will create a useful walk-thru for newcomers.

Would you mind taking five minutes today or this weekend to share your experience with me?

I’m mostly selling books, toys, food, beauty, pets and collectible books and toys.  If you are selling in another category which impacts how you use ScanPower, I’d be very interested to hear about that.

In addition, do you use the “sticky notes,” and “sticky condition” features? I don’t, so I’d really appreciate understanding the situations in which you use it.

Rather than post below, please send me an email instead: It is my intention to be constructive and helpful to the community rather than provide a platform for grievances.  Feel free to send those to [email protected].   They have answered my many questions over the past couple of months as they continue to improve their product.

Lastly, I’m often asked if I work for ScanPower or if I have some kind of financial deal with them and I don’t. They are the product I use and I write about what I know.

I’ve been asked by FBA sellers to create Step-by-Steps for Listtee, InventoryLab and other listing programs and I’m flattered.  If you use another program and would like to create a guest post about it, let me know.

While I try to keep things simple and streamlined in my book and my advice to new sellers, I’m not adverse to sharing other options with the community – especially the experiences of sellers (vs. the software companies). The most important thing is that you have a program that helps you to be efficient in your business. This blog is all about helping sellers be successful.

Thanks for your help!