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Yesterday I was interviewed by experienced FBA seller Kat Simpson for the podcast I’m offering for free on this site. What a blast! I enjoy talking about this business so much! What I realized while talking to her is that when I talk to people about the business I tend to focus on “serious” topics and forget to mention what really keeps me in the game – it’s fun!

We all work for money, but not just any money (except those Fear Factor people – ugh!). It has to give back in other ways to keep me energized and so I thought I’d share some of my favorite FBA moments to encourage you:


Many times while in a store I’ve scanned some innocuous looking item and felt a sudden head rush as the FBA seller price came up at some astounding number many times that of the purchase price. I’ve been known to squeal and even to interrupt my shopping to call my friends in the business to share.

At Big Lots one day, they were clearing out several shelves of books for 25 cents. I was scanning along and came across a thin paperback by Stephen King called the Colorado Kid that was outside his horror-genre norm. When it pulled up at $65 I had to scan it again and again to be sure. That was so cool! The book sold within a week or two. I’ve since sold about 4-5 copies.

My friend Lesley found a killer thrift store where their books are on sale every Saturday from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. for 25 cents. Sometimes we shop together and we squeal and giggle a lot as we scan $20 textbooks and $45 literary surprises. In addition, I’ve found video games and DVDs for 10 cents to $1 that have sold for $30; old videos (yep, video still sells) for 25 cents that sell for $25, and an occasional toy still new in the box that sells for 4-to-6 times the cost. We love that store and check out at 1:59 p.m…!


This was an unexpected bonus of the business.  The people I have met and the friends and family who have joined me in the fun have made such a difference! When I was just working my day job and it was failing, I felt lonely and isolated. Now I connect often with others in the business.

I remember my dad calling me one day from a ToysRus. He was hiding from the other shoppers while he waited for the cashiers to open up for a special sale (from 3:00-4:00 only! kind of thing). He had collected every unit he could find of a particular deal and could hear women running through the store looking for it. I totally sympathized with his guilty feelings and reminded him that the store would stock more for them before Christmas. I started out helping my dad with the business last summer and now he’s the ToysRus expert in the family who helps me. It’s a real thrill.

My friends Lesley and Lynn often call me or I call them with a smoking deal and say, “Go now! Go now!” as we revel in the super-amazing-can’t-believe-it deal. Lynn taught me about how to shop at Target and Lesley taught me about Tuesday Morning, my new favorite store. My friend John has become an expert on baby items – including pacifiers, nipples and bottles. You have to know that was a fun conversation to have with a guy! I found two of the wildly overpriced bottles he mentioned that night at a Marshall’s. Score! J

In addition to my circle of friends and family, I have found other FBA sellers to be extremely generous and helpful. I listen to FBA Radio and participate on the FBA Forum and I strongly recommend them as helpful tools for your business. I often listen to the FBA Radio podcast at night while packing my boxes and feel very connected to the presenters. I have to stop sometimes to write down all the good ideas I get. On the Forum, I find answers to every question under the sun and am amazed with people’s generosity and sharing.

I talk a lot about Chris Green of FBA Power in my book because he has sliced my learning curve to ribbons. It is like learning how to buy a skyscraper from Donald Trump – dazzling and exciting. I’m offering his ebook with mine because once you’ve gotten in to the business and understand the basics, his book is like a graduate course in online selling. He’s a master seller on Amazon and eBay.

Watching the money on Seller Central

During the holidays in particular, it can be hypnotic to sit on SellerCentral and watch people buy your stuff. The sales are so frequent and the money piles up so fast compared to the rest of the year. Totally fun!


I’ve been in business for over 20 years and I didn’t realize that it was time to learn something new until I got into the Amazon FBA business. I’ve enjoyed figuring things out and thinking in a different way. While my day business has plenty of challenges, I was bored and burned out. This is fun.