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With all due respect to T.S. Elliot, January is the cruelest month for an online seller. There is the post Q4-let down to deal with, the slower sales, the fact that you owe sales tax to every #$%@X state of the union, meetings with your CPA, reporting, 1099 and w-2 forms to get out, new year’s resolutions…I mean, could life be any less fun?

Oh yeah, and don’t forget that Amazon will impose long-term storage fees in a few weeks and it is raising its FBA fees. And the weather has been unusually cold and my dog is refusing to use the doggie door. In short, I’m out of sorts, tired of cleaning up pet deposits, and maybe you are too.

Staying in a funk is not a good idea for long-term success, so what’s a seller to do? This is my fourth FBA January and here are a few strategies that help me slog through:

  1. Plan – Prioritize – Focus
  2. Your heart’s desire
  3. Something new
  4. Take time for yourself


It’s a new year and you are filled with goals and resolutions for your business…right? (umm…sure) If you are like me, thinking of new ideas and ways to improve is fun, getting it done is less so. Plus, I tend to be overly ambitious thinking I can handle six impossible things before breakfast every day.

What helps me is to start from a very high level. I write down the top 3 things I want to accomplish by the end of the year. This things MUST excite me. Something like “improve my understanding of technology I need for my business”…YAWN! This is an incidental side benefit of something way more exciting like “Increase my sales enough to where I can leave my day job.” These juicy goals are my “big rocks” for the year (if you are not familiar with Steven Covey’s analogy, click here). Remember these are big things, not steps, not pieces. In pursuit of your juicy goals you will likely accomplish many other goals, too.

Next, I commit to these big things. They are in my head now and I’m going to get them done. This is why I don’t recommend more than three. You can always add more juicy goals later if you are successful enough to finish early.

Don’t make my mistake and try to do everything at once. It is a recipe for half-finished projects, despair and chaos. I strongly suggest prioritizing your big rocks. Which one is first, second and third? That means that in January you are only pursuing one goal. This is tough for you overachievers out there, I realize, but hear me out.

You are now going to focus like crazy. First, figure out the steps that need to be done to reach that goal. You can be as macro or micro as you like, just so you know what is next and how to get there. I’m a macro girl. Then, every morning before you do anything else, take steps towards your goal. If it is an hour a day, it is an hour a day. It is your time. The important thing is to accomplish something every day towards reaching your juicy goal. Then, no matter how bad a day you have, you will have accomplished something important. I recommend doing this before checking email and getting distracted – but I realize that you may need to check your email first.

If you focus on one thing at a time, you will progress faster.

Why only one thing at a time? Because you can get a lot more done if you are focused. That is one thing that Covey’s story doesn’t quite get right. He seems to imply that if you do the big rocks first you can actually get everything done, the small rocks, the sand, etc. That’s not really true. The big rocks take a lot of space. You WILL have to give something up, so make sure the goal is juicy AND de-clutter your other activities. What are you spending time on today that is keeping you from getting to your big goals? See how many of them you can eliminate or reduce. This alone will make you happier in the cruelest month.

Your Heart’s Desire

Ennui sets in when you lose your spark for your life. I was talking previously about business-related goals, but even the most exciting goal can seem dim and pale if your personal life is suffering. There is joy in work, of course, but you need joy in life to be sustained. It is so easy to get into a routine with kids, making dinner, driving kids and homework….I’m putting myself to sleep here.

The solution is to reach for your heart’s desire. What energizes you? Makes you happy? For me it is travel and vacations with my family. I like to plan them far in advance not only because I’m a planner, but also because it is fun and it keeps me excited for months before the trip. My Amazon business has allowed me to go to San Francisco and the wine country, Tahoe, Disney, the Outer Banks and other fun vacations with my family.

During the short term, I like to have lunch with friends, go to movies and read books. Sometimes I just take a day off to be by myself. I like yoga. When I find myself in the doldrums the first thing I ask myself is “what am I doing for me this week?”

What does this have to do with selling on Amazon? Everything! It is NOT about the money, it is about what the money will let you do or get. If your only goal is pay your bills; it is not enough! It won’t keep you humming along with a song in your heart. If you are finding yourself feeling the January mopes right now, make yourself a quick list of what your Amazon money is for – make sure at least one thing on that list is fun and exciting – maybe even a bit crazy.

Something New

After the excitement of Q4, January can seem really dull. All those responsible, necessary tasks…bleh. Time to mix things up a bit. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to check out, learn, try…do it now. I’ve got a couple of software solutions to check out and some books to read to make my business better. I put them off because of Q4 and now I’m excited to finally get to them. This week I’m in a class learning how to better use my Infusionsoft software. Sounds dull, but it isn’t (really!). I’ve been wanting to figure out how to better connect with my readers and be smarter about that side of my business for a long time. I’ve learned so much already that I’m itching to put into practice.

Since last Fall I’ve been getting myself approved in gated categories and now I’m excited to learn about clothing and jewelry. I’ve also got two exclusive agreements with a jewelry designer and a food manufacturer. As the sole seller of these brands, I’m working towards my bigger goal of having a portfolio of unique and/or exclusive products to sell on Amazon. I know I’ll learn a lot this year and I’m excited.

Take Time For Yourself

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. You can’t give from a deficit. If your energy tank is low, your business will suffer, too. Your best bet for getting your sales to hum along is to take care of yourself. Sleep at least eight hours a night. Eat regularly. Take a walk. Groom. Catch up on your laundry. Clean off your desk. Call a friend. All these things will make you feel better.

It may be that more is needed to take care of yourself. It may require a change of life, geography, relationships, spirituality, emotions or behaviors. Get outside help if you feel overwhelmed. You are worth the effort. The time you spend understanding yourself is some of the best time you can spend. It pays the most dividends.

OK, if you are reading all this and thinking “WTF is wrong with her? I’m happy as a clam in January!” please contact me. I’m looking for some guest posts on interesting topics and from diverse seller voices.

Just a quick reminder that Amazon’s fees are going up and it will be imposing long-term storage fees in February. Time to clear out your inventory. You’ve got a few weeks to reprice and sell.

What strategies do you employ to pull yourself out of the doldrums? Please comment below!