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Let eGrowth Partners help you with all of your intellectual property needs. We work with one of the best IP attorneys in the business, Jeffrey Breloski, who will help guide you through all of the legal hurdles that come with being a seller on Amazon.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out with any questions and schedule your free 15 minute consultation!

With our service, you will receive:

An assessment: An objective review of what went wrong in Amazon’s eyes and an experienced opinion of whether or not it is worth continuing to fight.
An explanation: Clear explanation of what happened (many of our clients are baffled) and what has to happen next to get reinstated.
A plan of Action: Changes that must be made at your company before Amazon will reconsider. We help you develop a plan that works with your organization and meets Amazon’s requirements.
An appeal letter: A compelling, coherent and clear appeal designed to meet Amazon’s requirements and to explain complex situations to the reviewers in language they can understand.
A strategy: New information often leads to new avenues to try. Sometimes we send the letter to a different department when one doesn’t seem to be working. We are with you until the final stone is turned and we have truly tried everything to get you reinstated.

If you are already banned, take heart. We have a good track record of getting Amazon to listen even after they’ve slammed the door shut. We can’t make promises, but after reviewing your situation, we will tell our candid opinion about your choices and our suggestions for your next steps.

If you don’t handle your appeal exactly the way Amazon wants you to, you will be banned. The scary letter will tell you that it is over and they won’t talk to you anymore. There is a lot at stake: your money, your livelihood and your peace of mind! We’ve helped thousands of sellers successfully appeal suspensions. Our one-hour assessment will evaluate your chances of reinstatement. Or if you need your account back now, choose our Expedited Service and we’ll deliver your plan of action within 24-hours.

It is easier to get someone reinstated if they are not already denied or banned, but we’ve been successful getting banned sellers back. In fact, the majority of our customers failed their own appeals first.

Typical turnaround time for an assessment, appeal and plan of action is 2-5 business days. We offer expedited service and special weekend rates for people who cannot, or do not want to, wait to get started.
[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Why shouldn’t I just write my own appeal to Amazon?” closed_toggle_background_color=”#eaeaea” _builder_version=”3.15″ border_width_all=”0px” open=”off”]This is definitely and option, and some sellers are successful at writing their own appeals. Most of my customers try that before contacting me. Reason their appeals didn’t succeed include:

The seller truly didn’t understand why they were suspended, so their appeal was incomplete
The seller applied in the heat of the moment, and became defensive, blaming, arrogant, rude…the list goes on
The seller didn’t know how to write in “Amazon speak”
The seller didn’t show remorse, and blamed Amazon for being too rigid
The seller treated Amazon like eBay or another platform
The seller tried to persuade Amazon to see things from their perspective
The seller didn’t know Amazon’s strict rules of engagement. They blew their appeal by asking questions, requesting phone calls, etc.