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Many of you who use ScanPower already know that they’ve been working on a new version that is faster and easier to use and that better integrates all their product offerings in one place. It also provides a tighter integration with’s shipping systems.

Over the next month or so, they are moving customers over to the new platform. Because so many of my readers use ScanPower, I thought I’d talk about how to make the transition and what to expect with the new version.

In addition, those of you who bought my eBook recently but haven’t signed up for ScanPower yet will be happy to know you still get your free month. I will be sending an email out to my recent eBook customers with what you need to do to get the free month.

To answer a frequently asked question, I write about ScanPower because I use it, I know it and it lets me be efficient in my business.  That’s it. I don’t make money if you sign up and I don’t care what you use as long as you have a tool you like and that makes you efficient. 95% of what I talk about on this blog relates to strategies, not tools. One of my primary strategies is to efficiently use my time. When I wrote my book, it was to answer the many questions from friends and family around “what are you doing?” rather than to be a comprehensive textbook of all the tools and tricks possible to Amazon sellers. This is what I do and I talk about it.

As such, I’m not a great resource for all the other options out there. I looked at them once, but it was years ago. I have a recent blog post where I talk about them in general, but your best bet is to go to the FBA Forum and ask one of the sellers there “Do you use…? Do you like it?” They’ll tell you.  Bob Willey’s group is one of the most generous meeting place of friendly competitors I’ve ever worked with. They’re awesome.

That being said, let’s talk about ScanPower’s new Unity2 set up. It is terrific.  Much easier to sign up, much easier to use and even greater functionality. I’m going to do a longer Step-by-Step™ in a few weeks once I’ve used it for a while, but in the meantime, let’s look at what you need to do to get signed up.

This new system requires that current ScanPower customers re-register and re-set up their payment method. It’s quick.

Current And New Scan Power Users Follow A Similar Process With A Couple Of Caveats

Current customers need to finish up any remaining batches in ScanPower and then cancel their service/payments to ScanPower. Sign in to Amazon Payments to cancel your ScanPower subscription. Click HERE for a step-by-step on how to cancel your subscription. Even though you are re-registering, your billing date will remain the same as it is now.

  1. There are different links depending on whether or not you already use ScanPower: New customers go to: Current customers go to:
  2. Even if you are a current customer, you will need to sign up again like a newcomer.  Select your desired email, password, etc.
  3. If you are one of my recent eBook readers, put in the special email address I’m going to send you for a free month of ScanPower. This will give you a free month before billing begins.  This is only for new customers who have not previously signed up for ScanPower (see below).
  4. For current customers, you will also need to go through Amazon’s MWS sign up process again. The wizard will take you through it.
  5. For newcomers, ScanPower will take you through a MWS sign up wizard to get your Amazon Marketplace ID (see screenshot below).
  6. Fill in payment information.
  7. Tell ScanPower the services you want.  Most people who read my book use ScanPower List and ScanPower Mobile. If you choose this option, you also get the Repricer, WebScout and a certain amount of Evaluator (A future blog post) with it. See below for screenshot.
  8. If you are a member of the Hustle community or other services, add them here too.




And that’s it! You’re in! ScanPower’s instructions on how to use the new ScanPower are HERE.

At the top of the page you’ll tabs for all the products including “List,” “Mobile,” “Webscout,” “Repricer,” “Evaluator” and “Settings.”

Make sure that your login and password are the same in ScanPower Mobile on your smartphone as you used for ScanPower. If you used the same password and login as before the upgrade, then you’re all set and your phone settings are already correct.

As a three-year customer of ScanPower, I’m pleased with the new Unity 2 so far. It addresses some problems with the previous version like the occasional lost batch and allows you to keep adding to a warehouse until you have a full box.

Before you use ScanPower List, you will need to set up your settings so click on “Settings” and “List.” ScanPower fills in some information for you, but you’ll want to check it all out to suit your inventory. For those who are familiar with ScanPower, this new format should be pleasing to you and fairly straight forward. Click on the “?” marks you see if you have questions about any particular setting. For new comers, first check out Scan Power’s YouTube video on the topic. It will explain how the program works.

You can also see step-by-step instructions on how to set up ScanPower List HERE.

For those of you resisting the transition, not wanting to learn something new, you are living on borrowed time alas. ScanPower will stop supporting the old version in a month or so and they already stopped allowing new people to sign up for the old version in early August.

Once you finish any batches on which you are working, plan to bite the bullet and start your next shipment with Unity2. Sign up is quick and you’ll recognize your favorite features from the original program plus a few new features.

The four things that took me a few minutes to figure out were:

  1. Where to put in my customized MSKU (it is now part of the settings page and not on the main listing page)
  2. How to print my labels. You now have two options – to print each label individually as you go along like before, or to print all your labels at one time at the end. Guess who messed that up and wasted a bunch of labels? Yep, me. You are given a choice. Make sure that you choose to print an individual label if that is your plan. You do this by right-clicking the item. You will have a choice to “print label” or “delete item.” You can also now print labels for each warehouse/shipment on your Dymo at the end right before you send it to the shipping queue. By the way, if your Dymo printer was already set up, it should work without any problems or need to fiddle with your settings when you switch over.
  3. There is no “add to existing shipment.” Because the shipments are being created real-time on Amazon as you go along, and because you can keep adding to them from ScanPower, there is no need for the “add to existing shipment” that used to exist. It is also much easier to see what products are going to what warehouse before sending your shipments to the shipping queue. When you are ready to go to the shipping queue, you click on “Finish Shipment.”
  4. You can’t fix your quantity with the “edit” function. I’m lucky this summer that I have elves helping me from time to time pack up my boxes (my son and his cousins). The problem is they are not always good counters and/or we keep finding items under the chair or some other hiding spot later. With the old ScanPower, I’d just go in and edit the quantity and the amounts would re-adjust across the warehouses. With the new ScanPower you delete the incorrect listing instead and re-scan. You add the corrected quantity as part of the condition and pricing process.

There is also an occasional bug that they are working to fix of which you need to be aware.  Normally when you scan in a product, condition and price it, the information goes with the product regardless of warehouse. In other words, just like the old program, you price it once and it is the same no matter where the physical product is going. What happened to me is that when I was ready to send to the shipping queue, some of those products “lost” their pricing information from one warehouse to the next and I had to add it in manually for each warehouse which was a pain – one that the ScanPower guys are eager to fix, fast.

It is an irregular bug in that it doesn’t happen that way every time so if it happens to you, please let the ScanPower guys know so they can track down this anomaly:  [email protected]. And also, don’t worry that you did anything wrong in using the product or that this is normal for the program. It’s not and I’m sure it will be fixed very soon.

Remember if you get stuck, you can check out the ScanPower video or the ScanPower List instructions for more help.

I hope this helps!