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New ScanList puts comparison power into the hands of shoppers

Chris Green and the guys at FBA Power have a cool new phone application called ScanList that’s not just for FBA Sellers. It is launching this morning at to much fanfare. It is also Chris’ birthday so he’s giving away his Retail Arbitrage book in Kindle version free all day. If you visit the ScanList site and share the news on facebook, you will be entered to win a free iPad.  There are also other prizes like Scotty Peelers that will be given away in the afternoon on the FBA Radio broadcast (3:00 p.m. Eastern).

I got my hands on ScanList early and it is a welcome addition to my phone. Imagine going into a store looking at a product and wondering, “Is it cheaper online?” Wait, that happens ALL the time!

Anyway, you probably do what I do now which is scan it with FBA Scout and find out what it is selling for on Amazon. This is great–but who besides an FBA seller would pay for FBA Scout just to know they are getting the best price? And, while FBA Scout is a super arbitrage tool, it is not a consumer-oriented product.

Introducing……drumroll please….ScanList for Android!

This free application allows more casual shoppers (you don’t need a Bluetooth scanner – the camera in your phone will work)to check the 5 lowest used and new prices on Amazon , find out if there are FBA sellers (for that free two-day Prime shipping) and place a product on a watch list.

If you want to wait for a product to come down in price, you place it on the watch list and then you will be notified in Scanlist later when your price is matched. It is like without William Shatner.

What if you love the price you see on your phone? You can buy it on the spot from Amazon without having to go home and login. The integration with is seamless and fast.

One of the things I love about shopping on Amazon is being able to read all the reviews before I buy something – now you can do that with ScanList.  Even if you plan to buy at the store instead of online, you can see what other consumers said about the product before you buy in the store – handy!

Another benefit of ScanList is that it includes Amazon’s seller reviews. If you see someone with 4 stars or less than 90% satisfaction rating, skip to the next seller. I can see myself using the “share” buttons for email and facebook. I already call my girlfriends from the store to share good deals – now I can share them from my phone. Tweeters can also share on Twitter.

I can hear the more frugal among you wondering, “Can I just use ScanList and not buy FBA Scout?” No. Even though they have a similar look and feel, the data is different. There’s no FBA seller “net price,” weight, seller quantity, or oversize information, for example. Plus ScanList doesn’t work with Scanfob which I use to speed through the scanning process. ScanList is laid out for browsing, reading and sharing. FBA Scout is for analysis, fast decision-making and all business.

If I was caught in a store without my scanner (gasp!) and wanted to check out a deal for FBA, I’d use FBA Scout. If I wanted to buy my son a gift, I’d use ScanList.

I tested all the features and the application is blazingly fast on my 3G Android phone. There are tiny ads at the bottom of the screen, but they don’t interfere. Perhaps there will be a Pro version down the road without ads. We’ll see. The screen has a very similar look and feel to FBA Scout and is intuitive to use. You can see screenshots at

I can tell already my son will be the prime user of ScanList in our house because he is always asking me “do you think we can get this cheaper on Amazon?” when we are preparing to spend his allowance. Now I’ll have an answer on the spot for him.

There are some folks – namely the big box retailers – who are really going to hate this application because it is a game changer. It will help consumers equalize the marketplace, which is NOT the way THINGS are done! Target is already mad at consumers who surf the internet in their stores. ScanList is going to make it 10 times easier to find the best deal.

This is my review and I like ScanList – but don’t take my word for it – go download it for yourself. It is free from the Android Marketplace.

Happy Shopping!