Amazon Steps Up Activity Against Bad Actors – Are You Among Them?

Amazon Steps Up Activity Against Bad Actors – Are You Among Them?

Dirty dealing in the $175 billion Amazon Marketplace

Dirty dealing in the $175 billion Amazon Marketplace

2018 Amazon Seller Briefs

2018 Amazon Seller Briefs

Account Assessment

Summit, Boost with FBA Sizzles In More Ways Than One – Lessons Learned While I Sweated

Summit, Boost with FBA Sizzles In More Ways Than One – Lessons Learned While I Sweated

What Amazon’s New Safety Requirements Mean for Sellers

What Amazon’s New Safety Requirements Mean for Sellers

Amazon Suspends Buyer Accounts – What It Means for Sellers

Amazon Suspends Buyer Accounts – What It Means for Sellers

More Amazon Bundles of Joy

More Amazon Bundles of Joy

Amazon Bundle And Email Changes Distress Sellers

Amazon Bundle And Email Changes Distress Sellers

Should Amazon Sellers Pay Sales Tax?

Should Amazon Sellers Pay Sales Tax?

Latest Amazon Suspensions And News

Latest Amazon Suspensions And News

Seven Things Amazon Gets Right For Sellers

Seven Things Amazon Gets Right For Sellers

Protect Your Amazon Seller Account From Fraud, Scams And Bad Actors | Part 2

Protect Your Amazon Seller Account From Fraud, Scams And Bad Actors | Part 2

Protect Your Amazon Seller Account From Fraud, Scams And Bad Actors

Protect Your Amazon Seller Account From Fraud, Scams And Bad Actors

How To Avoid Amazon Seller Suspension During The Holiday Season

Retailers generally make 60% of their annual revenue during Q4. It is the happiest time of year for all of us. Like the ghost of Christmas Present, however, the threat of an Amazon seller suspension hovers nearby causing anxiety. We hear “Amazon closed my account!” every day. This week I look at concrete steps Amazon […] Read More ->

The Amazon Glitch That Stole Christmas…

The Amazon Glitch That Stole Christmas…

Amazon continues to accelerate the pace of change for its sellers. With the rollout of its new dashboard many sellers were told they were in immediate danger of suspension…even though most of them weren’t.  Talk about the Amazon glitch that stole Christmas!  Client after client asks us “Why is Amazon Doing This in Q4?” What’s […] Read More ->

Everything You Wanted To Know About EGrowth Partners But Were Afraid To Ask…

Everything You Wanted To Know About EGrowth Partners But Were Afraid To Ask…

Everything You Wanted to Know About eGrowth Partners but Were Afraid to Ask… Normally I write about Amazon suspension and reinstatement issues in my blog, but this week I thought I’d address some of the most common questions we get from clients about eGrowth Partners. Q: Who will handle my reinstatement? A: You will work […] Read More ->


Amazon has started suspending sellers for price gouging during Hurricane Harvey and we can expect the same for Irma and any other natural disaster. Please be aware that price gouging during times of emergency is a CRIME, not just distasteful. Thirty-four states – including Florida and Texas – and the District of Columbia have laws […] Read More ->

Amazon’s Code Of Conduct For Sellers

Amazon’s Code Of Conduct For Sellers

Amazon is measuring its sellers against yet another yardstick…its Code of Conduct.  Never heard of it before?  You are not alone.  The Code is technically “published” but it sure as heck isn’t promoted to the seller community.  You have to search deep into Seller Central Help to find it. We wouldn’t have gone looking ourselves […] Read More ->

7 Ways Product Review Manipulation Brings Amazon Sellers Down

7 Ways Product Review Manipulation Brings Amazon Sellers Down

Despite many warnings and policy changes by Amazon regarding product review programs, there seems to be a lot of confusion among sellers about what they are and aren’t allowed to do to get more product reviews. To recap, we are not allowed to use any product review service except Amazon Vine.  This has caused sellers […] Read More ->

Amazon Seller News You Can Use – Is Arbitrage Changing?

Amazon Seller News You Can Use – Is Arbitrage Changing?

There’s a lot going on with Amazon right now. Amazon is getting closer and closer to shutting down retail arbitrage and online arbitrage on the platform. The customer dissatisfaction metrics are due to go live at long last in October. A new paid Seller Support program promises better support for those willing to pay. Sellers […] Read More ->

Does Amazon Realize It Is Q4?

Does Amazon Realize It Is Q4?

The past few weeks have seen a flurry of Amazon changes that are making the seller community run in circles….right before Q4.  From brand restrictions to linked accounts to new suspension reasons to its continuing crack down on product review programs, Amazon is vigorously cleaning house. Our volume of suspensions has been increasing.  What is […] Read More ->

UPDATE: Why You Need Amazon Brand Approval Now

UPDATE: Why You Need Amazon Brand Approval Now

Let me state upfront that a lot is going on at Amazon and there are questions I’m trying to find out for all of us about all these restricted brands.  Some of this is official (i.e. from Amazon PR) and some isn’t (other sources, our clients’ experiences, etc.).  It is intended to provide more food […] Read More ->

More Confusion About Using UPC Codes On Amazon.Com

More Confusion About Using UPC Codes On Amazon.Com

Last week’s blog post was full of bad news. Used media sellers can get suspended for inauthentic claims, UPC codes that don’t match the brand will be flagged for inauthentic – a huge source of heartburn for those who make product bundles or who use their own UPC codes for branded products that seemingly don’t […] Read More ->

The 411 On UPC Codes And Inauthentic Claims For USED Media At Amazon

Peering inside Amazon’s black box algorithm is a Kabuki play – full of style, drama and mystery. This week I interpret several new moves in Amazon’s ponderous fan dance including enforcement of UPC codes, inauthentic claims for USED products and a new pricing tool from Amazon.Embed from Getty Images Amazon sellers who create bundles and […] Read More ->

Avoid Restricted Listings On Amazon

Avoid Restricted Listings On Amazon

One of the services we offer clients is ASIN reinstatement for when a profitable listing is suddenly suspended. More and more Amazon sellers are receiving notices recently that their ASINs are being delisted due to restrictions.  Sometimes we can get their listing back for them and sometimes we can’t.  It is frustrating because Amazon didn’t tell our […] Read More ->

More On Product Review Programs For Amazon Sellers…

More On Product Review Programs For Amazon Sellers…

After my recent blog post about conducting a safe product review program Amazon style I was deluged with questions so it seemed worthy of another blog post. These are a compilation of questions I’ve gotten. I have some news about a new book I’m working on and news about Amazon’s new ASIN requirements. Lastly, check […] Read More ->

What Is A Safe Product Review Program On Amazon.Com?

What Is A Safe Product Review Program On Amazon.Com?

This week I’m talking about product review programs. I’m also traveling to Orlando and Philadelphia in March and hope to meet with YOU! Recently in Salt Lake City I sat in on a presentation by several companies that help third-party Amazon sellers garner reviews for their (mostly) private label and exclusive product offerings. It was a packed room and […] Read More ->

Amazon Seller Questions About Policy

Amazon Seller Questions About Policy

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to a large group of sellers at the Feedvisor conference in Miami Beach. Most of these sellers are $1.5M+ a year and higher and they are understandably concerned about losing their seller privileges. Feedvisor also shared a survey of 1,500 Amazon sellers with us and I was startled to […] Read More ->

Amazon Sellers Face New Challenges From Algorithm Tweaks

Amazon Sellers Face New Challenges From Algorithm Tweaks

Every time Amazon makes changes to its suspension algorithm, we know about it…not because they tell us, but because we start to see a rash of the same kind of Amazon suspensions.  From this we conclude that Amazon tweaks its algorithm often.  It is still mostly for product quality although we’ve begun to see a […] Read More ->

Questions On Amazon Seller Account Suspension Prevention

Questions On Amazon Seller Account Suspension Prevention

Now that my book Suspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller Account has been out for a couple of weeks, questions are starting to come in. I’m grateful to my thoughtful readers – and hope their questions help you, too: Q. Most Of The First Book You Wrote Told FBA Seller Startups To Shop At Retail And Discount […] Read More ->

Amazon Seller Reinstatement Partner Criteria

Amazon Seller Reinstatement Partner Criteria

These past couple of months have seen a large number of Amazon sellers suspended. In case you are wondering, it IS on purpose…and it is highly automated. More on that below. For those of you wondering where I disappeared to, I’ve got an update at the end with what’s going on. In addition, I’ll be traveling and […] Read More ->

Bells-A-Poppin’! New Features From ScanPower

When ScanPower came out in 2010, it was like a thunderbolt from the heavens it was so transformative. It turned hundreds of online book sellers into Amazon FBA sellers in multiple categories and made it much easier for a small fry to run a big online business. Since that time there have been so many […] Read More ->

The Unexpected Power Of Kindness For An Amazon FBA Seller

Maybe it is because I’ve been working with so many distressed Amazon FBA Sellers lately, but my perception is that the online business world has gotten harder and meaner lately. It is disheartening. Blood is in the water and it is stirring up ugly things in the collective unconscious of the seller community. Sellers are […] Read More ->

Books, Automation And Coaching

Just a quick blog this weekend about books and my progress with Frank Florence’s coaching. Books Yep. Not nearly as sexy as some of the other topics out there but a steady-eddie money maker. With Frank Florence’s ScoutBotPro (see below) I can now find high-value books on Amazon for a low price that I turn […] Read More ->

Chinese Goods…And Bads

Amazon has been beheading sellers’ worlds like the sword of wrath lately shearing sellers from its ranks that it suspects may be selling counterfeit goods from China. Instead of steel, the sword takes the form of banishment letters and it is tough to come back. I’m working a particularly difficult case right now involving suspected […] Read More ->

Want To Retire From Your Day Job By Q4?

A lot of people start selling on to generate part-time income in the pockets of time they have after work, kids, etc. Once they are making money it is inevitable to wonder, “Can I actually make enough to leave my day job behind me forever?” According to Frank Florence, the answer is a resounding […] Read More ->

She Who Hesitates…Overcome 10 Common FBA Seller Anxieties

One of the most frequent questions I get in my classes, my blog and online is a variation of “How do I know this is a good deal?” With new sellers in particular there is a natural fear of the unknown. You read up on Amazon FBA and it all sounds great but there is […] Read More ->

January Is The Cruelest Month…

With all due respect to T.S. Elliot, January is the cruelest month for an online seller. There is the post Q4-let down to deal with, the slower sales, the fact that you owe sales tax to every #$%@X state of the union, meetings with your CPA, reporting, 1099 and w-2 forms to get out, new […] Read More ->

Cynthia’s In-Box

This week I’m answering some of the questions recently sent to me by you, my readers. I learn a lot from the questions I get, too, so keep them coming! Q. If you find hot items, what is the most efficient way to grab more units? It depends on the store, obviously. One thing you […] Read More ->

The Reason For The Season…

My long-time readers will recognize parts of this post from last year, but I thought it worth updating and repeating for all the new sellers. The holidays are upon us and if you are like most online sellers, you are working your butt off right now. If this is your first season selling, welcome to […] Read More ->

Seven Amazon Ghosts Of Holiday Selling Seasons Past…

I was out letting myself be distracted by Facebook the other day and I saw a post where the person asked what did I wish I had known my first selling season? I jotted off a note about never buy Justin Bieber anything ever again (never! I’m haunted by singing toothbrushes!), but it got me […] Read More ->

Don’t Let Amazon Seller Feedback Sink Your Sales Battleship

I am still unpacking the many inspiring ideas and conversations I had at Jim Cockrum’s CES II conference earlier this fall. For example, I was talking to two booksellers who told me that they shrink wrap or polybag every book they send in. I must have gasped and I know my eyes got big and […] Read More ->

The Zen Of Evil

What makes people steal, lie, cheat, manipulate and play dirty tricks on their fellow man? Some among us might speak compassionately of fear, poverty, and desperation. Others among us might speak from experience about lack of empathy, lack of conscious and evil. To my mind, while the first situation is often true, if it leads […] Read More ->

10 Best Ways To Compete On Amazon.Com

For more than 25 years I’ve helped companies successfully compete in the marketplace as well as competed myself against other PR firms, marketing agencies and small publishing companies. There are two truisms of competition: 1) You have lots of competition all the time and 2) You have something that the other guy doesn’t. I can’t […] Read More ->

Feedvisor Simplifies Repricing For Amazon FBA Sellers

I know I need to reprice my inventory in order to keep it moving and yet repricing is a huge drag. No matter what program I’ve used, it takes time and there is a sense of futility about it. It is like housekeeping…you have to keep doing it over and over again just to stay […] Read More ->

Tired Of Shopping? Take A Seat!

We’ve all heard about them, those guys who sell on Amazon but who don’t shop. How do they do it? Either they are buying wholesale or they practice online arbitrage. Online arbitrage is a great option not only for people who hate to shop or who live far away from stores, but for anyone as […] Read More ->

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner!

There are those among us who were very difficult children to raise. If mom and dad said “no,” you wanted it fiercely bad. In this case, Amazon is dad with all its restricted categories where we just KNOW we could make a fortune if we could sell in there. We love our dad but inside […] Read More ->

TaxJar.Com Brings Compassion To Sales Tax Pain

As I start this post I am on the phone with the IRS…AGAIN. I nearly choke on my derision when the canned voice tells me for the millionth time how all their “representatives” are helping other “customers.” Yeah, right. I guess “indentured slaves” sounded bad. If they really believed in customer service they would have […] Read More ->

Repricing Wisdom From Nathan Holmquist

I had the delight of speaking with Nathan Holmquist recently about his business. Nathan’s “Selling on Amazon’s FBA Program” was the first book I read about FBA years ago (click here for free copy) and what it did for me was clearly demonstrate how FBA works. I understood how Nathan could buy books and sell them […] Read More ->

How To Go Big In Books With Amazon FBA

I started my Amazon FBA business with books and I continue to sell books every single day. I love books because of the great margins, they don’t expire and I rarely incur long-term storage fees with books. There are a few things that I don’t like about books including how long it seems to take […] Read More ->

Reverse Inventory Blindness In 10 Steps!

I love teaching classes not only because I get to meet my readers in person, but because I learn something too. I find it so interesting how people think and how they approach their businesses. We are all doing the same basic things yet everyone’s business is so very different. A lot of folks over […] Read More ->

List That, Amazon!

Embed from Getty Images Just a quick reminder for those FBA sellers approaching their first long-term storage fee assessment…be sure to sell, dispose or remove by end of the day Friday or else you will have to pay extra fees. If you are willing to pay, that’s OK, just make sure you know what you are paying […] Read More ->

Dominate Your Next Book Sale!

The Fall book sale season begins this weekend for those of us in the DFW Metroplex.  The Friends of the Plano Public Library sale starts on Friday and it is a big one.  I’m offering two classes in the next month to help folks take advantage of the upcoming book sale season and make some nice high-margin […] Read More ->

Don’t Forget Books When Selling Amazon FBA

Embed from Getty Images There’s a lot of excitement about retail arbitrage and for good reason. You have brand new inventory that is (hopefully!) popular and fast-selling. However, it is also riskier for a new seller. You are spending more per item on inventory and your mistakes cost you more. And believe me, you will […] Read More ->

The Amazon FBA Seller At Home

Embed from Getty Images Recently a fellow seller asked the question on Facebook about how do you spend your time when you go full-time selling Amazon FBA? “Tell me about your day,” he said and it made me think. I was tempted to be a smartass and say “I’m up to my armpits in books,” […] Read More ->

Christmas In July With Amazon FBA…

Embed from Getty Images While most of the world is focused on vacations and keeping the kids occupied during the (long! long!) summer months, retailers are gearing up feverishly for Christmas. The question is…are you? Early bird shoppers and budget planners start shopping for Christmas in September. My sales start their steady upward climb in […] Read More ->

Grocery – Yum! FBA Sellers Eat It Up

Last year I wrote about Jessica Larrew’s book Liquidation Goldand how it helped me make money in liquidation grocery stores. She had another book come out recently – Grocery Goldmine –about finding deals in regular grocery stores and I have to admit, I was skeptical. I had looked around grocery stores before and only found stuff when the […] Read More ->

Worried About Amazon Pantry Or Amazon Supply?

Amazon is constantly coming up with new innovations in its quest for world domination…er customer service perfection. These create mixed feelings in the FBA seller community because change is scary and because Amazon doesn’t always act in our best interests. In this concern we are not alone. I imagine all of Amazon’s partners have these […] Read More ->

Co-Mingling – Stop Inventory-Transmitted Disease!

If you’ve been selling for a while, you’ve probably run into the idea of co-mingling. You may have even gotten an invitation from Amazon to co-mingle some of your FBA inventory with theirs. Sounds cozy, right? What could go possibly go wrong? Well, it is a lot like those health films you used to watch […] Read More ->

Interview With Success: Your Best Amazon Tool

I love meeting other sellers and learning about their businesses. I always learn something new and find myself inspired anew in my own business.  For this reason, I thought I’d occasionally interview some other sellers and share their stories with the community. Recently I had the opportunity to speak with a remarkable young man who […] Read More ->

Rank, Risk, Reward – Make Your Money When You Buy

Probably the number one concern I hear from new sellers is “I can’t find any good inventory!” They’ve gone to a store or two, scanned and walked away with nothing. They are frustrated because they know other sellers are shopping the same stores and finding stuff. Or maybe they are buying stuff but it isn’t […] Read More ->


One of the great features of using as your selling platform is that Amazon will do a lot of the heavy lifting to sell your product for you.  Not only is it the world’s number one online retail site, but there are all kinds of secret algorithms at work to make your product pop […] Read More ->

Virtual Help For Real FBA Tasks

Embed from Getty Images Currently, I have a weekly commitment with her and I spread her time out over my Amazon business, tasks related to my blog or marketing my book, and my day job.  She is mostly Amazon/blog/book now with a few hours a week focused on my day job or other tasks.  Here’s […] Read More ->

ScanPower To Offer Seller-Specific Services

I usually post once a week, but this week there’s a lot going on. Since so many of my readers use ScanPower, I wanted to quickly share what I’ve learned about ScanPower today and then post my regular blog on Friday. If you don’t care about SP’s changes – check back on Friday to read […] Read More ->

No Time For FBA? Try These 7 Steps

Embed from Getty Images   Many people who read this blog are part-timers like me.  We look at the Amazon FBA program as a way to make good money in our limited time, but often struggle with the demands of our day jobs and family. Even full-time FBA-ers sometimes find themselves in the weeds dealing […] Read More ->

The Big Prime Brouhaha

Embed from Getty Images Amazon’s decision to raise its rates on Prime membership affects so many Americans (est. 20-25 million); people were talking about it all around me during lunch today.  The folks at my table agreed that it wouldn’t affect us – we’ll still be Prime members – but there’s a bit more to […] Read More ->

Find Your Profitability With InventoryLab

As many of you know, I use ScanPower List and Mobile in my business to make me more efficient. I’ve used them for about three years. During that time, other programs have been introduced but I’ve not spent much time investigating them because I’m pleased with what I have and I’ve invested time learning how […] Read More ->

Your Magic Magnifying Mind

I was listening on the radio to a TED Talk the other day by Matt Killingsworthwho studies happiness.  He built an iPhone app Track Your Happiness that lets people report their feelings in real time.  Among the results from over 15,000 people in 80 countries, he learned that the more our mind wanders the less happy we are. […] Read More ->

Amazon’s Annual Fee Hike

It is time for Amazon’s annual FBA fee hike! Hooray. Not.  I’ve updated this annual blog post and spreadsheet with the new information that takes effect on February 18, 2014. Get a doughnut, a cocktail, or whatever you need to get through this. It is number-crunchy stuff but extremely important – the difference between success […] Read More ->

Don’t Let Your Inventory Get Sidelined!

I know I promised you another exciting “Dark Days of January” post about fees and reports, but I just couldn’t think that hard this week.  My brain is elsewhere.  Luckily, I found this great video from on how they receive our packages at the warehouse. It covers all the things that can go wrong […] Read More ->

Time To Kill Your Darlings

If you have old items at the warehouse, you got an email from Amazon this week with an estimate of how much you are going to owe (gasp! My heart!). Every six months Amazon clears the dead weight out of its warehouses by assessing its FBA sellers long-term storage fees. They politely call it “aged […] Read More ->

Happy New Year – Many (Un)Happy Returns!

Ok, just kidding on that one. Hopefully the returns haven’t been too bad for you.  Now that we’re into January, it is time to think about 2014 plans, taxes and more taxes.  In other words…the party’s over and it is time to get a broom and trashcan and start cleaning up. Regardless of when I […] Read More ->

The 12 Amazon FBA Days After Christmas

If this is your first Christmas selling on Amazon, you are probably pretty excited right now. Enjoy the lull during the storm my friends.  The holiday selling season is not over yet!  Naturally sales will be slow today and tomorrow, but you have more sales coming (hooray!) and more work. This is my last post […] Read More ->

Don’t Lose Your FBA Inventory To HazMat!

Amazon’s Hazardous Materials (“HazMat”) policy is very confusing.  Items that people have sold before using FBA are suddenly forbidden. Items that are clearly not HazMat are put in HazMat for review.  It can be very annoying and expensive for a seller – particularly if an item you sent in is now considered HazMat.  A new […] Read More ->

Survive The Madness Of Your First FBA Holiday Season

My long-time readers will recognize this post from last year, but I thought it worth repeating for all the new sellers. The holidays are upon us and if you are like most online sellers, you are working your butt off right now. If this is your first season selling, welcome to the madness. So what […] Read More ->

Help Me Help You…

Do you remember this line from Jerry McGuire? Today’s blog post is different from most because I’m hoping you will help me and your fellow sellers.  I’ve started to create a short video/powerpoint walk-thru of ScanPower’s new Unity 2 that I hope will help newcomers and old hands alike understand the program as well as understand […] Read More ->

Shopping The Big Boys

Over the past two years, I’ve written or had guest posters write stories about some of the most popular nationwide stores and how to shop them for FBA. In case you missed them the first time around, here they are again. Oh yes, I can hear you now, “A rerun?! She’s posting a rerun?!” Yes, […] Read More ->

Patchwork Of Sales Questions

This week’s post is a bit of this and a bit of that. The picture is in honor of my mother-in-law who was an extraordinary quilter among other creative talents. Like you, I’m going nuts getting inventory up to Amazon before Thanksgiving weekend.  To be safe, you want your inventory to reach the warehouse by […] Read More ->

Christmas Is Coming!

The most exciting time of the year for online sellers is already in progress, but it is about to get going in earnest now that I’ve sold the last of my dog costumes for Halloween. My first year I got started late in the game (December) and I still had a nice return.  Since then […] Read More ->

Your Business Of Your Life – Time To Get The Best Out Of Both

Many people start off selling on Amazon as a way to get rid of a few things around the house or to generate a bit of extra money. They see it more as a hobby than a business and then wonder why they are not doing as well as they hoped.  In my book and […] Read More ->

From The Email Bag

I love the questions I get from my readers because they are so varied and interesting.  Sometimes I don’t know the answer either and it makes me curious.  Here’s the latest crop of great questions. Hopefully they will help you, too: Q. I Hate Competing Against Those Low-Ball Guys! Is There Any Way I Can […] Read More ->

Same As It Ever Was…

The other day as I was running after my dog with a ladle (urine test), I had this thought about how absurd my life was at that moment and how boring. I seem to spend a lot of my life chasing after my pack members for various things that seem to involve either driving, cleaning […] Read More ->

What’s In Your Office?

I love the “What’s In Your Wallet?” ad campaign and at last have found a way to work Alec Baldwin into a blog Over time, I bought more things to make it easier to run my business. To be clear, I advocate buying new things from the profits of your business. I don’t recommend anyone go […] Read More ->

Find Sales Gold On Amazon.Com With Liquidation Stores

28 Aug Find Sales Gold On Amazon.Com With Liquidation Stores Posted at 08:00h in Growth, Reinstatement, Suspension, Suspension Prevention, Uncategorized by Cynthia Stine 22 Comments  0Likes FacebookFacebook MessengerTwitterEmailLinkedInRedditPrintShare0 When people ask me, “Is it hard to find inventory to sell on” I always say “No! There is more out there than I can possibly buy.”  Three years into it and I’m still […] Read More ->

The New ScanPower – Step-By-Step

ScanPower has had a major upgrade to its program which will require all current customers to cancel their subscriptions and sign up again with the new system.  See last week’s blog if you’ve not done that yet. They are transferring people over in waves so you can expect an email soon if you’ve not gotten one yet.  […] Read More ->

New Capabilities From ScanPower – Time To Upgrade

Many of you who use ScanPower already know that they’ve been working on a new version that is faster and easier to use and that better integrates all their product offerings in one place. It also provides a tighter integration with’s shipping systems. Over the next month or so, they are moving customers over to the […] Read More ->

Amazon FBA Long-Term Service Fees? Clear Them Out!

I’ve written on this topic before, but it bears repeating as many of my readers are just now getting their first notices from Amazon that it will assess long-term service fees after midnight (Eastern) on August 15, 2013. Any sales, removal orders or destruction orders that are made before that time will reduce your fees. Here […] Read More ->

Make Sales Tax Payments Easier With TaxJar.Com

As long-time readers of this blog know, I pay sales tax in 10 states right now with two more in the works. I’ve had a lot of challenges along the way and big-time gripes with for how little help they’ve given their FBA sellers for this important topic. Their super big sellers have bookkeepers […] Read More ->

Move ‘Em On, Head ‘Em Up…Keep Them Doggies Movin’…

OK, I guess all this rain in Dallas is making me stir-crazy, but the theme song for “Rawhide” is stuck in my head…and now in yours. Enjoy. Our community talks a lot about acquiring inventory, fees and stuff like that, but we don’t talk as often about moving it out of the warehouse.  In August, […] Read More ->

Only 21 Days ‘Til The Holidays…Are You Ready?

In my last post I talked about timing and I encouraged people to take advantage of the market’s natural ebbs and flows.  I hope all of you are buying toys for Christmas right now and sending them up. ToysRUs, Target, Walmart and other stores are already having toy sales so get out there and buy […] Read More ->

Strategic Timing Spurs FBA Growth

PLEASE NOTE CHANGES SINCE ORIGINAL BLOG POST! Steve Lindhorst is no longer selling his book that I mention below.  I’m leaving this blog post in my archives, however, because the strategy he taught is sound and I recommend that sellers consider how they can time their purchases and sales for maximum advantage: The three most […] Read More ->

The Price Is Right!

One of the difficulties eBay sellers have when selling on Amazon is the fact that they don’t have to create their own listings most of the time. I know, most of us actually see that as an advantage, but I’ve been asked many times by eBay’ers “how do I compete if we are all using […] Read More ->

FBA And The Screaming Swedes

The other day I read Nathan Holmquist’s newsletter where he talked about his latest FBA victories at, of all places, IKEA. I was dumbfounded. Why hadn’t I thought of that? I LOVE IKEA in a weird psycho-fan kind of way. I have personally been to the opening day of four IKEAs as they expanded into the […] Read More ->

Keeping Track Of It All….

Now that we’ve had so much fun talking about sales tax over the past couple of weeks, let’s really rip it up and talk about federal taxes for a minute.  If you are successful and making money, you’re going to have taxes and Uncle Sam expects you to keep decent records to back up your […] Read More ->

What’s New On Amazon.Com

Chris Green was in the Dallas area recently to talk to a large group of online sellers about the opportunities offered by for feisty entrepreneurial types like us. In addition to talking about FBA, of course, he described many other ways to make money on Amazon’s marketplace including book publishing, apps, music, specialty websites […] Read More ->

Good Inventory From Goodwill

Thrift stores are a great source of inventory for FBA sellers and it is an adventure every time in more ways than one…I’m writing this week about Goodwill in particular because it is a slightly different beast than the typical neighborhood thrift store.  For one thing, Goodwill is a huge organization with locations all over […] Read More ->

Jump Into Success By Strengthening Your Beliefs

When I was a young whippersnapper in New York City and learning my craft, I used to get discouraged sometimes. As a publicist I was calling members of the media all day long. They were busy, annoyed and didn’t want to hear from me. Sometimes they were rude and it would get to me after […] Read More ->

Questions From The EMail Bag

My readers have such great questions. I try to answer personally when I can but that is getting harder as volume increases. This week I thought I’d reprint some recent questions in the hopes that others may have had the same question. In addition, there are some follow-up answers from the recent sales tax blogs. […] Read More ->

Sales Tax: The Sound And The Fury Part II

Last week Amazon was having trouble with generating reports. For the blog I cheated and used an old report I already had from March. This was a mistake and it affected my Step-by-Step – particularly the part where people can change all their listings to “A_GEN_TAX.” I’m sorry for my mistake.  I’ve fixed it with this […] Read More ->

Sales Tax: The Sound And The Fury

I can’t believe I’m writing about sales tax again but it is such an important issue for the community, I feel compelled to talk about it, especially given recent events (see below). I created a detailed Sales Tax Step-by-Step for this blog post to help sellers understand the new report offered by Amazon to its FBA sellers […] Read More ->

Help! I Need Somebody!

There are few things more frustrating than not being able to figure out a problem. I had a reader contact me this week desperate because she wasn’t able to fix a problem with her inventory and couldn’t get the help she needed. Boy have I been there. Technology is so great when it works that […] Read More ->

Questions From The E-Mail Bag

Sometimes questions I get from my readers have been answered in previous blogs but they didn’t see them for one reason or another so this week I thought I’d list common questions and where to find the more detailed answers on my blog. For those of you who have been reading from the beginning, I […] Read More ->

The Zen Of Selling On Amazon

In this blog I write a lot about the tactical elements of running an Amazon FBA business, getting your first box to Amazon, using the tools, new rules from Amazon, that kind of thing. I get a lot of questions that are ostensibly about running a business but essentially boil down to “Is this going […] Read More ->

Kabbage Brings The Green

Have you ever thought “if I only had more money for inventory, my business would really take off?” A few months ago I heard about a company called Kabbage that provides money to online businesses like ours based on our sales history rather than a huge long application form and pledged collateral. I was intrigued and decided […] Read More ->

Rank, Risk, Reward: Amazon Sales Rank

Peter Valley is a large-volume Amazon seller who sells in all categories although books and media make up a significant percentage of his inventory. I learn so much from other sellers and recently read his new book Amazon Autopilot: How to Start an Online Business with Fulfillment by Amazon and Let Them do the Work for his […] Read More ->

FBA Seller Tools

As those of you who’ve read my book know, I started my business very simply and added things over time as I made money. Things like the Bluetooth scanner, for example. I recommend the slow and steady approach for most people because it lets you decide if this business is for you without a huge […] Read More ->

How To Work A Book Sale

I am 10 minutes late to the opening day of the book sale.  It is like watching piranha feed. The frenzy is on; the noise bounces off the bare walls and industrial ceiling; the volunteers are sparkly and over-eager to help me.  I fight my way to the back room which is where the non-fiction […] Read More ->

Don’t Get Surprised By Long-Term Storage Fees!

Did you receive an email from Amazon stating that you owe long-term storage fees? Congratulations! That means you’ve been selling on Amazon for more than a year.  It also means you have some old inventory sitting up there. This is pretty common. I found my first assessment period that some of my books that I […] Read More ->

Amazon Fees Going Up

A year ago, I wrote a blog about Amazon’s new fees and here I am again. Let’s hope it is not an annual event. I’ve updated this blog and my accompanying spreadsheet with the new information that takes effect on February 18, 2013. Get a donut, a cocktail, or whatever you need to get through […] Read More ->

Pricing: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Last week I talked about Amazon’s new fees that went into effect this Monday. Now that you better understand the fees you will pay when you sell on Amazon, I want to talk about pricing: the good, the bad and the ugly. If you’ve been selling for even just a little while, you’ve probably seen […] Read More ->

Answers From The EMail Bag

I get a lot of emails from my customers with great questions about selling on FBA. Many of them cover the same topics so I thought I’d post answers from the email bag the past few weeks. Q. I sent an item up to and then Amazon suddenly started selling it – and for […] Read More ->

Don’t Be Afraid! It’s Only Taxes: The 1099-K Tax Form Demystified

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m in admin mode this month: Taking care of taxes, fixing inventory errors and other necessary-but-not-nearly-as-fun activities that keep a business humming along. Today’s post is written by my friend Jennifer Dunn at, one of the online software providers I recommend because they provide a simple way to […] Read More ->

Inventory Mistakes And Fixes

Happy New Year and not-too-many unhappy returns. Sigh. I hate returns even though they are an expected part of the business. To distract myself, I’m tackling a bunch of administrative stuff like repricing, fixing inventory mistakes and preparing tax stuff for my CPA. Inventory fixing has been messy for me this time around. I’ve spent […] Read More ->

Surviving The Madness –Your First Holiday Season Selling On Amazon

The holidays are upon us and if you are like most online sellers, you are working your butt off right now. If this is your first season selling, welcome to the madness. So what should you be doing to maximize your profits in the least amount of time? After all, I’m sure you were planning […] Read More ->

Answers From The Email Bag

I get a lot of emails from my customers with great questions about selling on FBA. Many of them cover similar issues so I thought I’d post answers from the past couple of weeks’ email bag. Q. I often find new-in-box items at thrift stores but the packaging might be bent, worn or otherwise damaged from all the handling […] Read More ->

Buy Smarter For Your Amazon FBA Business With Research

In a recent blog post I talked about ways to be more efficient in your business and do more in less time. One of my suggestions was to conduct research before shopping so you are familiar with top brands, hot gift items/toys/books/appliances – whatever you want to sell. It will make it easier for you to […] Read More ->

Get More Done With Your Amazon Business In Less Time

In my book Make Thousands on Amazon in 10 Hours a Week! I tell my readers how I run my business in about 10 hours a week or less, depending on the season.  In order to do that, I have to be very efficient with my time. That’s why I use technology tools like Scan Power and […] Read More ->

Changes To FBA Power — What Do They Mean To You?

Many of the readers of my book use FBA Power and FBA Scout in their businesses to scan, list and prepare shipments for Amazon’s FBA program.  Recently there have been a number of important changes at the company and upgrades to the technology of both products.  In addition, the name of the company has changed […] Read More ->

Where Do I Find Inventory? Retail Edition

One of the issues that my readers talk to me about the most is inventory. Either they are having trouble finding good inventory at various retail outlets or they have inventory up at Amazon that isn’t selling which is frustrating, or their stuff is selling but their margins aren’t great and so their perception is […] Read More ->

Where Do I Find Inventory? Book Edition

With the ability to do retail arbitrage, I tend to sell a wide range of products from books to toys and (nearly) everything in between. There’s more good stuff out there than I can buy on my budget, but still the number one question I get from new sellers is “Where do you find your […] Read More ->

Hate The Idea Of Bookkeeping For Your Amazon Sales? Keep It Simple!

As part of our series on taxes, this post covers a solution for simple bookkeeping, See my last post on sales tax by Kat Simpson and Michael Rice for a book on the new sales tax requirements for Amazon sellers. As FBA sellers, Amazon does a lot of the heavy lifting for us (in more ways than […] Read More ->

Don’t Let Sales Tax Stress Get In Your Way

New Book Helps FBA Sellers Understand Sales Tax Payments We all know what the fun part of our FBA business is – making money! Those checks every two weeks from Amazon are happy, happy events. The agony of our business? Paperwork and taxes. Groan. Having just paid my quarterly sales tax last week, it is […] Read More ->

Wake Up Early – It’s Tuesday Morning

One of my favorite stores for scouting for Amazon FBA inventory  is Tuesday Morning. Unlike traditional overstock stores, Tuesday Morning focuses on luxury brands. It doesn’t sell “seconds” or imperfect goods, which makes it a great source for scouting. While most items will be last year’s models, they are still popular on Amazon. Another feature […] Read More ->

Don’t Let Negative Feedback Get You In A Frenzy

Today my feedback is at (gasp!) 86%. I’m usually at 95%-97% so I freaked out, right? No. I’ll have it back up within a few days. Negative feedback is normal when you are selling hundreds of items a month. The unfortunate fact is most people don’t give feedback unless they are unhappy about something. The trick is […] Read More ->

Oprah’s New Book Club – What Does It Mean To You?

An Oprah’s Book Club logo is seen on the cover of a book titled ‘A Million Little Pieces’ by James Frey. In the exciting world of books, a wide range of factors can affect sales. In this week’s post I thought I’d address a few of them so you can keep an eye out while […] Read More ->

When It Comes To Quality Inventory, Who Gives A Woot? [You Do!]

“Where can I find high margin inventory?” is a pressing question for all online sellers. I’ve covered retail outlets like Target and Big Lots in past posts, but there is also a huge online world of inventory. In this and future posts I’ll cover some great sources for mouse-driven finds. I was tempted to write […] Read More ->

Where Can I Find….?

There’s a ton of information out there about Amazon’s FBA program. Some of it is good, some of it isn’t. In this and in upcoming posts, I will list some of my favorite sources of information and what kinds of questions you might get answered there. Today’s post focuses on the official story from Amazon […] Read More ->

What Does THAT Mean?: Amazon Selling Coach Report

One of the most frequent questions I get is about Amazon’s Seller Central is “What does that mean?” in some form or another. There is a lot to learn and the first few months you are busy learning how to make money. When I was first starting out, I had trouble just navigating the different […] Read More ->

The Big Scoop On BigLots

Look for Big Margins at BigLots The first retail store I ever scouted was BigLots. I had never even been inside one before and I couldn’t believe all the brand-name merchandise that was for sale. Grasping my new scanner and Smartphone, I waded in. In this post, I show you how to use BigLots efficiently […] Read More ->

Pack Right; Sell Right – Lessons From The Warehouse Floor

Make Sure Your Inventory is Easy to Find and Easy to Ship From the Amazon Warehouse Ever wonder what happens to your inventory when it reaches the warehouse? This week’s guest blogger knows! She shares her best packing advice for FBA sellers based on her years of experience shipping our goods to our customers. For […] Read More ->

Inventory Slump? Snap Out Of It!

Amazon’s Phoenix warehouse – is that your inventory being processed? This post is based on a great question I got from one of my readers who was experiencing a slump in sales despite a consistent amount of inventory kept up at (about 4,000 items in this case). While I obviously can’t make specific suggestions […] Read More ->

Make Toys R Us Work For You…

If you know how, Toys R Us can be an important part of your business I have another great guest blogger for you this week — my Dad. You read some of his story in my book.  In this post he goes into more detail about how he makes Toys R Us work for […] Read More ->

New Phone App Brings Comparison Power To Shoppers

New ScanList puts comparison power into the hands of shoppers Chris Green and the guys at FBA Power have a cool new phone application called ScanList that’s not just for FBA Sellers. It is launching this morning at to much fanfare. It is also Chris’ birthday so he’s giving away his Retail Arbitrage book in Kindle version free […] Read More ->

On-Target Scouting Advice

Take two or three – you’ll need them! Today I’ve asked my friend Lynn Rafter to tell us about scouting at Target. You may have read part of her story in my book. I never thought of Target as a great outlet for inventory until Lynn introduced me to some hot toy deals this past […] Read More ->

What Do All These AWS Emails Mean?

Lately I’ve gotten a number of inquiries about a particular email from Amazon talking about changes to its AWS (Amazon Web Services) and upcoming deadlines.  Don’t Panic! These scary emails are not for you.  Leave it to the FBA Power guys to take care of any and all programming issues. It made me think about […] Read More ->

My Inventory Is At Amazon…Now What? Repricing Part II

My Inventory Is At Amazon…Now What? Repricing Part II

Scan Power Repricer saves time and helps you make more money In my previous post I talked about how you can manually reprice items through Amazon’s SellerCentral. This is great for a few items at a time and for an inventory fewer than 1000 items, but when you have many items to reprice, you’ll want […] Read More ->

My Inventory Is At Amazon.Com…Now What? Repricing Part 1

My Inventory Is At Amazon.Com…Now What? Repricing Part 1

You’ve searched for good inventory, priced it, labeled it and sent it to Amazon – congratulations! Now what? Besides repeating these steps, you need to add in evaluation to your process in order to be successful. On a regular basis, you need to check your inventory to see if your items are still priced appropriately. […] Read More ->

It’s True. Size Matters…At Least When It Comes To Fees

It’s True. Size Matters…At Least When It Comes To Fees

Today I’m going to talk about size and the new fees that Amazon started this month. Get a donut, a cocktail, or whatever you need to get through this. It’s tough stuff but extremely important – the difference between success or failure as a seller (no pressure). I suggest that you create your own spreadsheet […] Read More ->

Bonus Files For EBook Customers

Bonus Files For EBook Customers

Just a quick note to those who have bought my eBook, I’ve just sent you an email with links to Bonus files.  I’ve basically “blown up” chapters 10-12 to make it easier to see the pictures and to set up your FBA Power and Amazon SellerCentral accounts.   Hope they are helpful to you!  From time-to-time […] Read More ->

A Solution To Image Resolution Issues

A Solution To Image Resolution Issues

A few of the folks who have bought my book have had issues with the pictures being hard to see.  I’ve wrestled with this problem because there are so many variables on both my end and the end-reader’s end that can impact image resolution. I want everyone who bought my book to know that I […] Read More ->

Book’em Danno!

Book’em Danno!

If you don’t get that reference, you are young my friend. Yesterday I went to the opening day of a book sale and saw some other scanners who puzzled me. At one point, we were all working the textbook section (which was enormous at this sale – I didn’t make my way through it in […] Read More ->

Your First Box To Amazon

Your First Box To Amazon

Are you ready to send in your first box of inventory to Amazon? In my book, I walk readers through the process of sending their first box to Amazon including Amazon’s “Shipping Queue.” For today’s post, I’ve prepared a 10-page explanation of the shipping queue along with bigger pictures. Just follow this link to get […] Read More ->

How Much Sales Tax Will I Owe?

How Much Sales Tax Will I Owe?

Congratulations! You’ve got a sales tax certificate. Depending on your state and how you were set up, you will owe sales tax either quarterly or monthly.  Most states have an “EZ” type form that small fry sellers (like me) can fill in. If you use this form, be aware that you may be paying a […] Read More ->

What Does It Mean?

What Does It Mean?

This is by far the most common question I get. It is usually followed by something specific and it is usually because what you are looking at is confusing. This regular blog post is for all those “What does it mean when…?” questions you have. Please send me your puzzlers and I’ll include them in […] Read More ->

Is Online Selling Fun? Really?

Is Online Selling Fun? Really?

Yesterday I was interviewed by experienced FBA seller Kat Simpson for the podcast I’m offering for free on this site. What a blast! I enjoy talking about this business so much! What I realized while talking to her is that when I talk to people about the business I tend to focus on “serious” topics […] Read More ->

Can I Start My Business Without Incorporating?

Can I Start My Business Without Incorporating?

This is a question I get a lot and the short answer is “yes.” In the beginning there’s a lot to think about to get the business started, equipment and services to buy and inventory to process. For someone new, I suggest getting a Tax ID from the IRS (this is NOT the same as […] Read More ->

Amazing Amazon: Customer Satisfaction

Amazing Amazon: Customer Satisfaction

Amazon is fanatical about customer service, which is why it is so great to have them as a partner in business. Since they handle 99% of customer service issues for their FBA sellers, the main issues to track are customer feedback/satisfaction indicators. In November 2011, Amazon started sending me performance reports as well as having […] Read More ->

Inventory Insight: Is It Hard To Find Inventory?

Inventory Insight: Is It Hard To Find Inventory?

The most common question I’m asked – “is it hard to find inventory?” and the answer is “nope.” I find inventory everywhere. I just bought $120 worth of new merchandise at Walgreens that I’m reselling for over $500 on Amazon. I went to Tuesday Morning after Christmas and bought some fabulous merchandise including bedding, electronics, diaper […] Read More ->

January Blues – Now What?

January Blues – Now What?

Happy New Year! Coming off a terrific holiday season is a bit of a letdown. Sales are slowing and returns are growing. Sigh. If you are new to the business or if this is your first holiday season, you may be asking yourself, “what do I sell now?” This is an excellent week to plan […] Read More ->