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Amazon Sellers Failing Account Verification at Record Rates

We are seeing a lot of failed verifications. The sellers who are failing the most are not new sellers who have never sold on the platform, but current sellers who are trying to launch new brands or who have acquired... Read More

Amazon Is Watching Sellers

Amazon sellers have struggled to adapt during the pandemic and face almost daily changes, challenges and annoying tech and policy issues. Amazon is now going to use our faces against us, and Jeff Bezos has been summoned by Congress.... Read More

Amazon Steals Seller Data To Create Competing Products

The Wall St. Journal had a recent article about how 20 former Amazonians involved with Amazon private label brands told them that Amazon uses individual seller data to identify and develop new products.... Read More

Increase Your Amazon Sales During Covid-19 Without Spending a Fortune

Amazon sellers can grow their sales inexpensively even during the COVID-19 crisis. Discover how to improve conversions and drive traffic to your products within Amazon’s current restrictions.... Read More

When Will Amazon Sellers Sell Again?

Cynthia looks at indicators that signal optimism for Amazon sellers including new policies on second accounts and predictions for what might come next from Amazon.... Read More

Amazon Sellers Face Daily Challenges During the Pandemic

Sellers overwhelmed by Amazon's decisions and continuous COVID-19 stories in the news have some good news among the bad. A closer look at what matters to sellers today.... Read More

Amazon Shuts Down FBA Temporarily

This is a continuation of last week’s blog on crisis planning. I can tell from the discussions (outrage) in the seller communities that people did not plan. It is not too late. The scenarios I listed last... Read More

Covid-19 Response for Amazon Sellers

Just a few weeks ago when I talked about Covid-19, it was to explore some questions that sellers were having to ask themselves like “Is it OK to accept my container-load of goods from China?” “Could I be liable if... Read More

Amazon Sellers Affected by CoronaVirus2020; Amazon Strikes Back at Bogus IP Takedowns

As someone who was in Hong Kong in January – a couple of days before flights were stopped – the Coronavirus2020 seems scary, but for most Amazon sellers, it seems pretty far away…until you start thinking about the implications. Amazon... Read More