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The Zen Of Evil

What makes people steal, lie, cheat, manipulate and play dirty tricks on their fellow man? Some among us might speak compassionately of fear, poverty, and desperation. Others among us might speak from experience about lack of empathy, lack of conscious... Read More

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner!

There are those among us who were very difficult children to raise. If mom and dad said “no,” you wanted it fiercely bad. In this case, Amazon is dad with all its restricted categories where we just KNOW we could... Read More

Reverse Inventory Blindness In 10 Steps!

I love teaching classes not only because I get to meet my readers in person, but because I learn something too. I find it so interesting how people think and how they approach their businesses. We are all doing the... Read More

The Amazon FBA Seller At Home

Embed from Getty Images Recently a fellow seller asked the question on Facebook about how do you spend your time when you go full-time selling Amazon FBA? “Tell me about your day,” he said and it made me think. I... Read More

Co-Mingling – Stop Inventory-Transmitted Disease!

If you’ve been selling for a while, you’ve probably run into the idea of co-mingling. You may have even gotten an invitation from Amazon to co-mingle some of your FBA inventory with theirs. Sounds cozy, right? What could go possibly... Read More

Your Magic Magnifying Mind

I was listening on the radio to a TED Talk the other day by Matt Killingsworthwho studies happiness.  He built an iPhone app Track Your Happiness that lets people report their feelings in real time.  Among the results from over 15,000 people in... Read More