Our reinstatement support services get you back to selling as quickly as possible!

They succeeded in getting us the result that we were looking for


“The speed of their response to our case was truly impressive. The plans of action which they advised were precise, taking the guesswork out of the mystery that Amazon Seller Support causes. Most importantly, they succeeded in getting us the result that we were looking for.”

Sports Retailer


Our reinstatement services include a deep dive into your metrics and performance on Amazon, all research support, direct access to your case analyst and consultant, and as many appeals as necessary in case we need to escalate your case to Amazon’s Executive team in order to reach a resolution.


In-depth root cause analysis


Report of findings and honest feedback on best chance at success


Plan of Action/Appeals customized to your case


Trustworthy advice from long-time Amazon reinstatement experts 


24-hour Turnaround for Expedited Service

Thanks to eGrowth Partner for the speedy and quality job


I will definitely recommend eGrowth Partner to whoever needs assistance with Amazon accounts and issues. I had my account suspended due to a mis-used Amazon’s variation policy. My own team was trying to fix the issue by writing a POA (plan of action) on their own; they submitted without having my approvals and Amazon rejected this poorly written POA in hours.

I immediately contacted eGrowth Partner…things moved faster than I expected: a couple of staff immediately followed up on my case, getting all the necessary setups. I got my draft of POA the next morning written by Veronica, and she also closely followed up with me, answered my impatient phone calls, carefully guided me through every step of submitting the appeal as well as correcting listings to correspond to the POA.

I submitted the POA on Friday and my account was reinstated on Sunday! Again, thanks to eGrowth Partner for the speedy and quality job.

Rui Lai

Our reinstatement success rate is greater than 97% because we know exactly how to identify the root cause and create a plan of action that addresses your exact issue and proves to Amazon that you are committed to fixing the problem and abiding by Terms of Service.

Root Cause Analysis

This first step is the most critical, as it flushes out exactly why you were suspended.

Our comprehensive review analyzes over 12 metrics to include these core indicators: Performance Notifications, A-Z Claim, Negative Feedback, Returns, Imperfect Orders, and Customer Dissatisfaction

Customized Appeal

Not every suspension case is the same, which means a “rinse and repeat” template isn’t always going to work.

We customize your appeal to address the root causes discovered during our initial review in order to increase your chances at reinstatement success the first time around.

Amazon Experts At Your Disposal

Our consultants have been successfully processing reinstatements for over 7 years!

They meet with you to discuss and better understand your case. They write your appeal for you, guide you through the entire process from start to finish, and provide advice on changes you can implement in your business to avoid suspension in the future.

Not every suspension is exactly the same. And while Amazon expects “immediate and aggressive” action from sellers to resolve their performance issues, they don’t tell you the root cause of suspension.

We identify your root cause, demonstrate to Amazon you understand what went wrong, show that you have fixed the problem and that you have a feasible plan to ensure it will not happen again.

Our 97% success rate proves we know what we’re doing; let us put that expertise to work for you so you can get back to selling!