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Last week Amazon was having trouble with generating reports. For the blog I cheated and used an old report I already had from March. This was a mistake and it affected my Step-by-Step – particularly the part where people can change all their listings to “A_GEN_TAX.” I’m sorry for my mistake.  I’ve fixed it with this updated Step-by-Step.  I want to thank Mark, one of my readers, for letting me know so I could share it with you. If you are one of the nearly 300 people who downloaded the earlier version, please download it again. 

In addition, another reader – Janet – noticed that my Step-by-Steps hosted on Scribd were suddenly asking people to pay to download the file.  You could read it online for free but the download cost money. I was horrified and want to make it clear that my blog is free. Any add-on products like the Step-by-Step are free, too, unless I specifically tell you in advance (like for my classes, consulting, etc.). After some back and forth with Scribd, I was able to remove this restriction from all my files posted there. They are trying to monetize their site which I understand, but they didn’t share that surprise with their community and I didn’t know.  If anyone else was frustrated like Janet because you couldn’t download one of my files for free, please try again.  That restriction should be removed now.  If not, please let me know so I can find another solution for you, including sending you the files personally until I get things worked out.

Next, if you find a mistake or something isn’t working like Mark and Janet discovered, please let me know.  My goal is help new sellers be successful, not frustrated. I make mistakes and I really appreciate the opportunity to fix them.  You can always post on this blog or send me an email directly at [email protected]

Lastly, I want to thank all my wonderful readers who help me make this a useful blog for the community by asking questions and sharing your selling experience.  I appreciate you!