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Account Reinstatement
Banned? We get accounts reinstated.
ASIN Reinstatement
Every day Amazon shuts down sellers’ profitable ASINs (listings) for product quality issues, safety issues, or policy violations. We’ll reclaim your ASIN.
Are random or bogus infringement claims hurting your business? We can help.


Account Assesment
Could hidden problems take your account down? Find out now!
Account Management
Let us help you manage all the day-to-day demands of running your business.
Brand Registry
Protect your brand and take down infringers.
Category Approval
Get approved for sub-categories and gated brands.
Legal Services
Register trademarks, protect yourself from bogus IP complaints, protect your brand, and file lawsuits.


Brand Management
Increase sales while protecting your intellectual property.
Document Review
Don’t fail verification, category approvals or product testing – you may not get another chance!

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