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Over the past two years, I’ve written or had guest posters write stories about some of the most popular nationwide stores and how to shop them for FBA. In case you missed them the first time around, here they are again. Oh yes, I can hear you now, “A rerun?! She’s posting a rerun?!” Yes, yes I am.  You know what I’m doing right now – getting ready for Black Friday the same as you!  Hope everyone gets the bulk of their inventory in to Amazon next week.  Happy selling y’all!


My first experience with retail arbitrage was at a BigLots and I still find deals here on a regular basis despite the fact that many FBA sellers shop at BigLots.


There’s a lot of good inventory hiding in thrift stores – new as well as used. The advice in this post can be applied to Salvation Army and most other thrift stores as well.  Goodwill is among the most organized of the big thrift chains – and the most consistent.


I’m psycho-fan crazy about IKEA as a consumer, and just earlier this year discovered that it is also a good source for FBA inventory. Drink the Kool-Aid with me!


This guest post from my friend Lynn applies to Wal-mart as well. My experience is that they are very similar in their set up and merchandise mix.  I regularly find items at both stores that sell great on Amazon.

Toys “R” Us

My Dad is the king of Toys “R” Us.  He just called me earlier today with some incredible deals he was able to get.  By the way, he gets around the two item limit that is common for most super-sale items by coming into the store multiple times.  Sometimes his wife shops with him too so they can really maximize the trip. This week he was able to buy up nearly the entire inventory of an item by coming in twice a day. Since he only has one (yep, only one) Toys “R” Us in his town, he has to be strategic.

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning is like BigLots in that it buys large lots of goods. The similarities stop there. TM specializes in luxury brands and does not sell “seconds.” Shopping in a TM is like being in a high end department store but with low prices. Every year a significant portion of my new inventory comes from TM.


Not a physical store, but I love their stuff. They offer one deal a day – and it is a good one. Many people don’t realize that Woot! is a secret Amazon company (like Zappos) so the items and deals are coming directly from…Amazon! This is not true for their t-shirts, but for household goods, electronics, toys, etc., those are all Amazon goods.  The site is also one of the funniest on the internet. Enjoy!

By the way the Black Friday sales flyers for many of the big nationwide chains have already been posted on Be sure to research your favorite stores in advance to see if there are any “must-haves” that make it worth braving the crowds on Black Friday.