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What You Need to Know Before Selling Your Amazon Business

Don’t lose your ability to sell on Amazon forever! Plan smart to be compliant with Amazon policy and keep your options open. Cynthia Stine explains how.... Read More

Amazon at a Store Near You?

Amazon Dash, Brexit, Prime Day, warehouse storage restrictions, PPE for schools, corruption, anti-trust investigations and Amazon moves against bad actors... Read More

Amazon to Publish Seller Addresses

Amazon sellers will no longer be able to hide behind their storefront names as their legal names and addresses will be visible on the platform. Cynthia discusses the furor and reasons why sellers should be glad for this change.... Read More

Is Walmart the New Amazon?

This week’s Amazon news roundup looks at a new competitive threat from Walmart and current “Dirty Seller Tricks™” on Amazon that hurt sellers and consumers. ... Read More

Amazon Is Watching Sellers

Amazon sellers have struggled to adapt during the pandemic and face almost daily changes, challenges and annoying tech and policy issues. Amazon is now going to use our faces against us, and Jeff Bezos has been summoned by Congress.... Read More

Amazon Steals Seller Data To Create Competing Products

The Wall St. Journal had a recent article about how 20 former Amazonians involved with Amazon private label brands told them that Amazon uses individual seller data to identify and develop new products.... Read More

Increase Your Amazon Sales During Covid-19 Without Spending a Fortune

Amazon sellers can grow their sales inexpensively even during the COVID-19 crisis. Discover how to improve conversions and drive traffic to your products within Amazon’s current restrictions.... Read More

Monthly eGrowth Amazon Seller News Roundup: Inaction; Hurricanes; FTC Probe; New IP Tools; Advertising Domination

As always, it's been another month of notable stories from Amazon that directly affect Amazon sellers. Let's discuss several of these and what they mean for you, the Amazon seller, especially with the all-important 4th quarter in full swing.... Read More