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The Zen Of Selling On Amazon

This blog first appeared March 28, 2013.  Written originally for new sellers, it strikes me today as being more relevant than ever.  So many things have happened in the world that the Cynthia of 2013 never could have anticipated.  All... Read More

The Unexpected Power Of Kindness For An Amazon FBA Seller

Maybe it is because I’ve been working with so many distressed Amazon FBA Sellers lately, but my perception is that the online business world has gotten harder and meaner lately. It is disheartening. Blood is in the water and it... Read More

The Zen Of Evil

What makes people steal, lie, cheat, manipulate and play dirty tricks on their fellow man? Some among us might speak compassionately of fear, poverty, and desperation. Others among us might speak from experience about lack of empathy, lack of conscious... Read More

Your Magic Magnifying Mind

I was listening on the radio to a TED Talk the other day by Matt Killingsworthwho studies happiness.  He built an iPhone app Track Your Happiness that lets people report their feelings in real time.  Among the results from over 15,000 people in... Read More