Terms Of Service – Expedited Account Reinstatement

Expedited Account Reinstatement

These terms of services apply equally to services purchased from eGrowth Partners and our sister company High Touch Smiles.

By reading this document and paying our fee, you agree that you understand our terms of service and will abide by them.

  1. You are paying for our time and expertise. There is no guarantee that Amazon will accept your appeal or respond appropriately.

  2. There are no refunds once work has begun.

  3. Our reinstatement services are generally broken into two pieces – assessment and appeal. If during the assessment, we determine that your chances are poor, we will inform you and give you a partial refund, unless you tell us to try anyway.

  4. If we have already reviewed your case and think your chances are low, yet you still want us to work on the appeal letter for you, we will, unless it becomes apparent that we cannot move forward. Should reinstatement be denied, refunds will not be issued.

  5. If you are reinstated before we write our appeal, we will only charge you for our time to date and refund any excess. Once we have written an appeal or completed the task you’ve assigned us, there are no refunds.

  6. If there is a conflict between this agreement and the contract you sign with us for retainer-based work or employee hires, that contract will take priority.

  7. If you provide us with forged or manipulated documents, we will not be successful. If you have previously provided AMAZON with manipulated documents, we may be able to help you depending on the situation.

  8. You must inform your consultant of everything you have done previously to get reinstated including previous appeals, so we can be effective.

  9. Unless you have paid for expedited services with a 24-hour turnaround, the typical time between sign up and a consultant contacting you about your case is 2-3 days, depending on our workload.

  10. All our consultants have assistants. You will be given their information after a consultant is assigned and they will help arrange calls, coordinate documents, etc. Often the assistant is the fastest way to get help as our consultants are often on client calls or writing appeals during the day.

  11. We do everything in our power to reinstate our clients and to fix their problems. We will write multiple appeals and try multiple avenues to get you the result you want. When we have exhausted all our resources, we will inform you by email and stop work. You understand and agree that you are not due a refund at this point and that we are paid for our time and expertise on your case.

  12. We respect our client’s confidentiality. We recognize that we have access to private account information, and we take steps to protect your account and your information including but not limited to:

- All client data is kept in our cloud-based proprietary database that is encrypted and secure. Credit card numbers – except for the last 4 digits – are not visible to anyone.

- Clients can upload documents to our portal and update their personal information, but they cannot access any database information for any other client.

- We have safe password processes that require us to update our passwords quarterly. We use LastPass to create long passwords with numbers, letters, capitalization, and symbols.

- All our team members sign confidentiality agreements. We also have a detailed description of what constitutes a trade secret and that they are not allowed to disclose this information if they leave.

  1. When working inside a client account we take the following precautions:

- We use a unique email for every single client account. This unique email does not show up in any other Amazon account.

- We have limited access to client accounts. We can’t view or change sensitive data like bank accounts, for example.

- The client can remove us at any time.

- We do not use client logins unless they give them to us for a specific purpose – like setting ourselves up the first time.

- We always use two-step verification. There are no “safe” browsers as far as we are concerned.

- We always use a VPN to make sure our online work for you is secure and encrypted.

  1. Our consultants regularly discuss client cases among themselves to brainstorm and find the best solutions. You agree that this is not a breach of confidence. 

  2. Members of our company are interviewed frequently, speak at conferences, write books and blogs, and participate in social media. We do not disclose the names of our clients without written permission. We will, however, use situations to help explain how Amazon works. We take pains to change minor details like gender, dates, categories, etc., so that no specific client can be identified from our examples. We often will mix several client situations together to make our point.

  3. You agree that this is not a breach of confidentiality.

  4. Because client situations are similar – many sellers are taken down for inauthentic complaints, for example – you may think that we are talking about you. Most likely we are not. We are happy to talk with you about how we discuss client situations. 

  5. Please read our privacy policyto see how we use your information.

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