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ScanPower has had a major upgrade to its program which will require all current customers to cancel their subscriptions and sign up again with the new system.  See last week’s blog if you’ve not done that yet. They are transferring people over in waves so you can expect an email soon if you’ve not gotten one yet.  For my eBook readers who have not taken advantage of their free month of ScanPower yet, you should have received an email from me last week with directions on how to get your free month. If you didn’t receive it, please let me know and I’ll send it right out.

For my softcover book readers who bought the book on, please note that this is a new procedure that is not in your book. There are also other changes to the book since it was first published (mostly links). If you’ve not already, please send me an email and I’ll send you a PDF with the page-by-page updates and new links. Please follow the procedure in this blog post for setting up your ScanPower for the first time.

I’ve now had a week to work with the new program and I like it. It took some adjustment because I was so used to using the previous version, but it has some nice added features and is overall easier to use. I think that newcomers will find this version easier to use than the previous one. For those of you who are familiar with ScanPower already, they have a simple walk-thru for you HERE of how things work now and how to prepare your first shipment.

If you are setting up your account for the first time, go HERE for ScanPower’s walk-thru.  In three steps it covers how to create a new Amazon Pro Seller account, how to add FBA to that account and then how to link ScanPower to your Amazon Pro Seller account.  Not only is the set-up much easier than in the past, but there is a live chat option if you get stuck (assuming you are calling during work hours). Obviously, if you already have your Pro Seller account set up and FBA, you can skip those steps.

Here are the basic steps for setting up your ScanPower account and creating a shipment:

  1. Set up ScanPower and attach it to your Amazon Pro Seller account
  2. Adjust your ScanPower settings as needed (my new Step-by-Step)
  3. Create your first listings and shipments (see ScanPower’s walk-thru)
  4. Prepare your packages with Amazon’s Shipping Queue (my previous Step-by-Step)

For newcomers, I’ve created a ScanPower Settings Step-by-Step of the account settings to help you through Step 2.  ScanPower will come with settings pre-loaded, as it were, but you will need to understand them so you can adjust for your inventory. Once you are comfortable with your settings, you are ready to scan your first items and get them off to Amazon.  In addition to ScanPower’s walk-thru above of how to create a listing, I have included a link (above) to my previous Step-by-Step of Amazon’s Shipping Queue inside Seller Central (your Pro Seller account on Amazon) which is where you will need to go to complete your shipments that ScanPower set up for you.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: “Doesn’t Amazon have a system for listing products and creating shipments?” and the answer is “yes, but…”  Yes they do, but it is time consuming and not as easy to use as ScanPower. If you only have a few items a month to list, then you don’t need ScanPower. If you are like me with hundreds of items to list each month, however, then you need a program like ScanPower or you’ll be on the computer day and night getting it done.

If you have additional questions about ScanPower, contact them at: [email protected] or through their live chat (when available) at

What do YOU think of the new ScanPower? Have you sent off your first shipment yet? Please share your experiences in the comments below!