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One of my favorite stores for scouting for Amazon FBA inventory  is Tuesday Morning. Unlike traditional overstock stores, Tuesday Morning focuses on luxury brands. It doesn’t sell “seconds” or imperfect goods, which makes it a great source for scouting. While most items will be last year’s models, they are still popular on Amazon. Another feature that makes it a good resource is that each store is different. While some of the merchandise may be the same, quite often you will find things in one store that don’t appear in others nearby. This means there is less likely to be competition from other FBA sellers.

Tuesday Morning is very welcoming for resellers like us. For example, if you find an item you like, you can call in to 1-800-901-0881 with the item’s SKU or product ID number and an automated system will tell you what other stores have that same item.

What will you find at Tuesday Morning? A lot! From toys to books to sports equipment to electronics to bedding and linens to home decorations, to collectibles to jewelry and more! You can check out some of their offerings online at: The best deals will be in the stores.

Here are the basics you need to know about Tuesday Morning:

  1. Mailing List. Get on their mailing list and on their email list. Sometimes you’ll be notified of sales and deals sooner from one source than the other. Sign up for both HERE.
  2. Sales Date. Unlike other stores, their sales are based on items newly in stock. The day of the sale will be the first time you see those items in the store. Their sales start at 8:00 a.m. on the chosen Tuesday morning (yep, they named the stores after their preferred sales dates!)
  3. Frequency. There is generally one sale a month. They will often close the store for a day or two before the sale to re-stock.
  4. Rain Checks. Items are available first-come, first-serve. There are no rain checks or restocking at Tuesday Morning.
  5. Discounts over time. In addition to special sales, items are discounted over time. The longer something is in the store, the more likely you’ll find it 20%-40% off the already discounted price.
  6. Clearance. There are clearance shelves in each section with these reduced items. Look for the yellow stickers.
  7. Special Sales. Several times a year there is a special sale where yellow-ticketed items are reduced up to an additional 75%. These offer the very best deals. They’ll be announced in the print version of their flyer and usually last for a weekend. I’ve bought things for as low as five cents that I sold later for $15.
  8. Rewards Program. Tuesday Morning has just launched its rewards program called Tuesday Morning Perks. You earn rewards by shopping at Tuesday Morning. You also get “perks” like a longer return period – good news for resellers. You need to sign up in the store. I’ve signed up, but I’ve not learned everything about the program yet.

Long before I started my Amazon business, I was a Tuesday Morning shopper. It may be tempting to buy for yourself rather than for inventory!

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