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Lately I’ve gotten a number of inquiries about a particular email from Amazon talking about changes to its AWS (Amazon Web Services) and upcoming deadlines.  Don’t Panic! These scary emails are not for you.  Leave it to the FBA Power guys to take care of any and all programming issues. It made me think about emails, though, and how overwhelming it can be during your first few months of selling.

Once you sign up with Amazon Seller Central and FBA Power you start to get a LOT of emails from Amazon and it is hard to tell which ones you need to focus on and which ones you can  ignore or just scan. You will get several emails a day from Amazon.  Some will be fun like the ones that tell you what you sold, and some will require action on your part. I’ve created a chart to help you sort through them all. You may want to create folders in your email in-box to sort them out for you and make it easier to scan.




Warnings – act immediately. These usually mean your account is in danger. Amazon Selling Coach – low inventory, inventory not available on Amazon (for which there are searches), etc. Amazon Web Services (AWS) –related – these are for programmers,  basically.  FBA Power is paying attention to these – you don’t have to.
Customer questions – answer within 24 hours. Sales – not only fun to see, sometimes you’ll catch errors like I did when I dropped a “0” from a price… Merchant seller emails related to fulfillment (like selling toys on Amazon over the holidays). These don’t apply to you because Amazon handles your fulfillment.
Amazon Services Fulfillment by Amazon – always read these. Usually about fees, inventory, etc. Your orders – you do buy from Amazon don’t you?!?
Amazon Services – affects all sellers not just FBA. Always read these some require action. Refunds
Amazon Seller Support – these are responses to issues you’ve submitted to Amazon. Amazon Associates – you only get these if you are an Amazon Associate.
Shipment errors – some require action Amazon sales of the day/week– good to know what Amazon is doing, no action on your part unless you want to buy something….
Amazon Baby (or any category email) – if you sell in certain categories you will get emails about that category. Usually they are important. Customer Service– these are responses to yourcustomer service requests. Vendor – monthly newsletter on housekeeping stuff you might need to do like update your contact information. Payments – tells you that your check is on its way to your bank!

I know that looks like a lot, but it is actually really encouraging that Amazon works so hard to help us be good sellers. After a while you won’t even think about it. If you ever have questions about a particular email (like the AWS ones) ask the smart sellers at the FBA Forum, they’ll know.

Happy selling!!!